Impromptu College Planning “Secrets”

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This recording was originally a last minute broadcast to my Facebook page, cooked up because a Nor’Easter caused a live workshop at local library to be cancelled.


I took a bunch of questions from parents, I bet you have some of them yourself 🙂


Prior to Q&A, I ran through the following agenda:


  • The 529 College Savings Account And Why They’re Not All They Were Cracked Up To Be (and what to do about it if you have one)
  • The Truth About What It Takes To Get Into A Top College (Hint:  It’s not politically-correct, and it’s based on waaaaaay more than grades and scores)
  • How To Negotiate A Better Deal With A College Even If You Couldn’t Get Your Hands On Any Compromising Photos Of The Dean
  • The Screwball Reason An Expensive Private College Can Actually Cost Less Than An El Cheapo State School
  • The Biggest Mistake Families Make In College Admissions And Financial Aid (and how to avoid it)
  • Sh-t Your Guidance Counselor Says That Can Flat Out Sabotage Your Chances Of Admission To Your “Dream School”
  • 4.5 “Loopholes,” Any One Of Which Could TRIPLE Your Eligibility For Aid
  • Special Advice/Strategies For Business Owners


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Enjoy, and thanks for listening!


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