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Case Studies: How to "10X" Odds of Admission to Your Dream College - and Slash College Costs by 52.4% Or More - Even if You Think "Families Like Us NEVER Qualify for Anything!"

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We help select families with:

  • College advising (advice to optimize chances of getting into your "Dream School" starting as early as 9th grade)
  • Paying for college (FAFSA and other forms prep, advice to improve eligibility for grants and scholarships). Note:  we are NOT financial advisors - we do not sell investment products.
  • Test prep (ACT & SAT)
  • Career and Majors Advice (to get something out of college MORE than what you put in!  Imagine that!)

Our approach is unique and we are not right for everybody.  If you would like to explore whether we are potentially a good fit for each other, apply for a free College Strategy Session today.

Each year, our clients get into Ivy League and other competitive colleges... well as Community Colleges, large Land Grant universities and everything in between!

The funny thing is that we don't really give a rat's patootie where any of our students goes to college...

We only want to help each and every client become as successful as humanly possible, however they defines success!

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If our approach feels like it could be a good fit, book a complimentary College Strategy Session today.

I'm looking forward to meeting and helping you create a winning College Game Plan!



Andy Lockwood

Founder, Lockwood College Prep