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Will Hillary Pay Your Tuition?

Yesterday, the Clinton campaign released its latest college proposal re: college cost reform. I tried to email Hillary for comment, but [fill in your own joke here!].
The highlight was that an estimated 80% of middle class families would receive free tuition at state universities.
Will it happen?
Who knows. I’m skeptical that any congress would approve a bill like this, probably because they’d be stuck on one small issue:
Who the heck would PAY for this?
Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% in favor of massive reform, but I just can’t see how Hillary (Bernie Lite?) could pull this off, any more than I can picture a big wall protecting our borders.
I think student loans are a bigger problem – they are too easy to obtain, and actually end up driving college costs higher, instead of making them more accessible.
How? Colleges have no incentive to reign in their tuition and fees, since the government is paying the bill on behalf of students. Tuition and fees are up 1,100% in the last 25 years (cost of living has increased 300%, by way of comparison).
Then there’s the issue of the quality of education, i.e. what is the return the investment for plunking down all that money for tuition. I actually like the concept of some of College Scorecard, which grades colleges on student debt, rates of completion and other factors. But it’s imperfect, because it overlooks crucial considerations such as the effort made by students, which of course varies and seems impossible to account for.
My advice? Don’t wait for Hillary, Santa Claus or anyone else to save the day.
You need to take matters into your own hands. Get your head out of the sand, maybe it’s been there for 15, 16 years, but it’s time to realize that things will not just magically work themselves out.
Your best bet to win the high stakes game of college is to arm yourself with knowledge that PAYS…
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Your Friendly College Planning Guru,
– Andy Lockwood
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