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How High Income Families Can Slash College Costs by 50% or more

It seems to me that anytime you see a story about college costs, the author makes a few, misleading – or flat out wrong –  assumptions:

  • Because costs have skyrocketed, families are paying MORE
  • Financial aid goes to low-to-modest income families
  • The FAFSA is the only financial aid application to be concerned with
  • Financial aid awards are final


Here’s the truth, that Pearl and I witness, first-hand, over and over again, year in, year out:

  • VERY few families pay “Full Boat” (probably less than 25%)
  • Most money goes to six and seven-figure earner families, NOT low income ones
  • There are other, more important forms you need to be concerned with besides the FAFSA
  • Merit and financial aid awards can be negotiated – we have helped multiple families improve their awards by $20,000, $30,000, even $50,000 – per year
  • You should never use words like “balderdash” unless you’re in 19th Century England

I’m teeing up a free webinar this Wednesday evening. Financial Aid, Merit Aid and Admissions Secrets, which is aimed at helping Class of 2021, 2022 and younger families get a leg up on what it really takes to get college discounts, even if you’re a high-income family and your kid isn’t valedictorian.

I’m also planning to present my latest thoughts on what it really takes to get in where you WANT to get in, how to create a balanced and strategic list and some thoughts on the importance of character in our post-Felicity environment.

There is nothing to buy, because we won’t be selling anything (duh).  This is a free training class, you can decide at the end if you need or want our help on your own, but you can leave your credit card safely locked away.

As of now, we don’t have any plans for a replay, so treat this as a live, one-night only college planning extravaganza. Perhaps Wayne Newton will make a guest appearance – anything goes!

Here’s where to sign up, get details, etc.


If you want to spread some holiday joy and gift your friends and family with something that they will actually VALUE, forget about the Instapot and forward them this email, so that they can register too!

Here are some of the topics on tap for Wednesday:

  • The strange – yet not so strange – reasons why colleges give more to six (and seven)-figure earning families, compared to low-income families
  • How to bargain with a college after a low-ball merit or need-based award
  • The biggest mistake kids  -and parents and guidance counselors – make when creating a college list
  • How early should you start?  (My answer will surprise you, guaranteed)
  • Financial aid “loopholes” that can help TRIPLE your eligibility for aid, legally, ethically and without photoshopping or excessive use of whiteout
  • “Landmines” to avoid that can sabotage your eligibility…and prevent you from sending your deserving kiddo where they earned the right to go
  • Business owners: a HUGE, sad mistake that 99% of CPAs don’t know about, plus some overlooked strategies to free up cash from inside your business)
  • Homeowners:  If you own your house, will it eliminate your chances of aid?
  • College Funding Red Tape – how to cut through massive bureaucratic obstacles created by the Department of Education and college financial aid offices and know WHAT to file and WHEN
  • Your questions!  We’ll be live, in chat, answering your questions, free!


Hope to see you Wednesday!

-Andy “Half Boat” Lockwood

P.S.  This presentation is free, there’s nada to buy and the tone is educational, not infomercional.  My policy for this and all presentations is to share EVERYTHING possible to squeeze into 60 or so minutes, as opposed to some kind of “tease.”

So you’ll get REAL answers to your questions (as long as you play by our rules, i.e. keep them general, as opposed to ultra-specific ones some parents seem to feel appropriate to share, thinly-veiled opportunities to brag about their kids’ grades, SAT scores, athletic or musical talents, etc.). If we think your question will HELP OTHERS on the webcast, there’s a much better shot of us actually answering it!

(Yes, I had to say that!)

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