How many times have you heard, She does well in school, but…just doesn’t  test well?

Or, I don’t know what it is, he does great in the practice tests, but freezes up on the real thing!

There are probably dozens of explanations or excuses for these phenomena, ranging from Russian conspiracies to poor proctoring, but here are my top three:

  1. Grade inflation is rampant, so kids with 93 averages find out from the standardized tests that they don’t have as much of a command over the material as they were led to believe.
  2. Kids blow off studying.  Note:  it’s great to have a weekly tutor or take a class, but if your kid doesn’t do the assigned homework IN BETWEEN sessions, you’ve hired a babysitter, not a tutor.
  3. Re:  freezing up – that’s classic test anxiety.  I’m no shrink, but my observation is that this is usually caused by lack of preparation, specifically simulated, “Game Day” conditions such as proctored, timed practice exams.  As opposed to kids occasionally doing a section or two in their rooms, near their Snapchat, Instagram, Fortnite and other critically important activities. 🙂

One more comment, I know there’s been a lot of discussion lately about test-optional schools.  Recently, U Chicago announced that they’re not requiring applicants to report their ACT or SAT scores.

Then, there was the whole SAT Curve Fiasco that created trouble in River City.

My take (did you ask?):  Reports of the ACT and SAT’s demise are exaggerated.  I’ll explain tomorrow, this email is long enough already and Pearl needs me to fetch her lunch.

In the meantime, our upcoming SAT and ACT classes are filling up.   They are “Small Group,” which means that everyone gets personalized attention, at group rates.  There are plenty of practice tests, proctored and unproctored (should be a word if it it isn’t) as well as instruction on the Mental Game.

Here’s where to go, use the coupon code “SUMMER100” to save 100 bucks and enroll before we close out:


Speak soon,

-Andy “Standardize THIS!” Lockwood

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