You WISH Your Guidance Counselor Would Tell You This!

I’m hitting the air at 9AM EST today (Friday) for another installment of College Coffee Talk, a/k/a a free hour of college coaching, answering your “burning” questions, or challenging me with obscure college-related questions (“Stump The Chump”), as the case may be.

Tune in here in a few minutes (or watch on replay, you can still get your questions answered.)

Also, we posted our workshop schedule for 2018, including tomorrow, Saturday morning in Huntington where I plan to cover a Dirty Dozen college planning mistakes to avoid.  As of the time I’m writing this, we have 2 seats left.

The presentations are designed as a “101” level intro to college planning for parents of HS juniors, sophomores and younger.

However, I will admit that these workshops are not full of the same-old, same-old you may have heard at your high school “College Night.”  Those evenings usually consist of information from a visiting financial aid officer from a local college, i.e. an employee of an organization who wants your money, ostensibly telling you how to get more money from their employer.

Not the best career move, in this guy’s opinion!

The gist of what happens at your high school’s College Night is that you’ll get a walk through of one of the financial aid forms, the FAFSA, be told that you probably won’t qualify for anything, and be sent on your merry way, more frustrated and confused then when you arrived.

Our workshop is more about how to “game” the system to get more money, and improve your odds of getting in.  They are definitely not politically-incorrect, and, candidly, I’m never 100% sure what’s going to come out of my mouth.

But I can promise that I will share EVERYTHING possible, in 60-90 minutes, that is agenda-free and purely based on our real world experience advising and coaching families who get into Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Duke, Cornell…

…as well as community colleges, state universities and everything in between.

I’ll also work in some case studies about negotiating with colleges, which, again, will be based on actual experience derived from years in the trenches, not theoretical fluff.

If you’re non-local or too busy to come, we’re planning a webinar soon, so keep your eyes peeled 🙂

Please forward/share this with anyone you know who is uptight about the college process and could use some real world advice!

Hope to see you soon!

-Andy “Popular With Guidance Counselors – NOT” Lockwood’

P.S. If you want to join me for coffee, you can do it today and every Friday at 9:00AM EST on our Facebook page

If you’re trying to register for tomorrow (Saturday) morning’s event but tickets are no longer available, shoot me an email and I’ll talk to the guys at Long Island Achievement Center about whether we can squeeze you in somewhere. 🙂

Here’s the schedule of upcoming events.