President's Pay – Guess Who Earns 1Mill Plus?

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If you’ve been reading my newsletter for any period
of time, you won’t be shocked by my assertion that
college is a business.

You may not even register a hint of a surprise when
I tell you the number of college presidents who
made a Mill or more in 2009, according to a recent
Chronicle of Higher Education article:  39.  (There, I
told you right off the bat!)

But I know you WILL be surprised – even shocked –
when you find out what colleges some of these
presidents head!

First, I’ll dispatch with a couple not-so-surprising

* Nicholas Zappos – Vanderbilt University (1.89M)

* Jehuda Reinharz – Brandeis University *(1.53M)

I’ll stop here – most of the presidents of Ivy League
and other colleges with big endowments compensate
their presidents in this range. 

But check out THESE college presidents:

* Charles Polk – Mountain State (1.8M).

* Jack Varsalona -Wilmington University (1.2M)

* Kevin Manning – Stevenson University (1.5M)

* Timothy Cloyd –  Hendrix College (1.1M)

* Frances Lucas – Milsaps College (1.2M)

* David Sargent – Suffolk University (1.48M)

* Steadman Upham – University of Tulsa (1.18M)

* Anthony Catanese  – Florida Institute of Technology ($983,349)

I would bet that most of you readers would have been
hard-pressed to identify ANY of these colleges as
employing a top-paid college president.

Honestly, if you even listed 50 colleges would any of
these showed up?

Colleges are businesses. They make business decisions,
including hiring whom they perceived as top-talent
to lead them.

Just the same way a corporation employs a CEO.

Each does so in an effort to maximize the value
to its stakeholders, whether manifested by college
ranking in US News and World Report, or stock

If you want to maximize YOUR value, you’ve got to
learn how to navigate this process and beat the
colleges at their own game.

What kind of student are they looking for?

How do you convince them that you have what they want?

Why should they admit your child compared to the other
3,000 applicants with virtually the same grades and

How do you get merit-based scholarships and grants
out of them?

Here’s how I do these things in the office:


Check it out!

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– Andy

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