Free Diagnostic ACT/SAT This Saturday

Yesterday I spoke to a mom about registration for our ACT and SAT Prep tutoring and classes that start right after New Year’s.  She asked me a common question:

“Should my son take both?”

The answer:

“No.”  Sorta.

Many 11th (and some 10th) graders waste too much time preparing for both the ACT and SAT, instead of picking one and focusing on getting the highest score possible on that chosen test.

If you bop back and forth from ACT to SAT, you’ll half-you-know-what your efforts on each, which is silly since 99% of colleges let you decide which scores to send them. It’s a big fat time suck, and, in case you didn’t notice it, kids are extremely over-scheduled and don’t have much time to spare.  You will run out of time, sooner than you realize.

So how do you figure out “Which test is best?”

There are two options.

1. You could take a full length (3 1/2 hours each, 7 hours total) test for each.  One SAT, one ACT.  This is accurate, but…seven hours?

2. You could save time by taking a hybrid, half-and-half version (3 1/2 hours total), then analyzing which one is best for you.

Marissa put together a diagnostic exam that we use for our students.  However, in the holiday spirit, we decided to offer the exam to the public this Saturday 9am sharp, in our offices in Glenwood Landing.

The diagnostic exam is exclusively for students planning to sign up for our small group ACT or SAT “Crusher” courses this January. (Use the coupon code “VIP150” to get $150 off as long as we have room. (If you sign up for SAT, but determine the ACT would be better, we will switch you over.)

A few days after you take it, you’ll have a meeting with Marissa, who will have graded and analyzed the exam, and will be able to share her recommendations.

Most other test prep companies charge $50, $75 or $100 plus for this. We’re offering it for free, provided that you can say in good faith that you’re genuinely interested in our next courses in January (see schedule, pricing at

The only catch is that we printed out 10 copies of the diagnostic exam only, and the slots are first-come, first servedTo apply for a slot, fill out this short questionnaire.  Marissa or one of us will contact you after we review it to discuss your testing goals and plan (even if you don’t have one.:)

The classes are perfect for 11th graders and even 10th graders who want to get a jump on things.

LMK if you have any questions!

-Andy Lockwood

P.S.  If you’re not local to our office, you can still participate.  We’re live streaming the classes to our private, protected site, so you can attend live or watch a recording.


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