"Frankenstorm" and Early Action/Early Decision/Financial Aid Deadlines

Big news around Long Island is the approaching “Frankenstorm,” due to hit the Northeast late Monday night.

Having lived in Florida for more than 10 years, I can tell you that hurricanes are no laughing matter.   Pearl and I used to mock those hyper weather reporters who made it seem like the world was ending, invariably followed by news that the storm turned away.

Then Katrina hit.  And Wilma.  So take it seriously, and if for some reason the storm misses us, you’ll get over the inconvenience and alarmist reports that we’ve begun to receive.

OK, now let’s say, hypothetically, that the storm does hit next week and you’re without power…and you’ve got a November 1 Early Action or Early Decision deadline for college applications!  What do you do if you have no power and no Internet…and can’t submit your Common Application by your deadline?  Your CSS Profile?

I can’t speak for every college, but, chances are that they will grant you an extension if you explain your issue.  It’s an “Act of God” that is out of your control – most schools will cut you some slack.  But if you’re trying to B.S. them, keep in mind that they are very familiar with this neck of the woods and wil also be receiving thousands of applications from other parts of the country unaffected by Frankenstorm.  Don’t push it.

Of course, the better way to deal with this is to get your apps in before your deadline, not at the last minute!  🙂

That’s it for now – gotta go stock up on propane, bottled water and emergency adult beverages!

Stay safe,

– Andy

P.S.  I had a bunch of consultations scheduled with prospective clients Monday and Tuesday.  Lisa has been trying to reschedule them just in case. If you had an appointment with me on either day and have not rescheduled, please get with Lisa (lisa@andylockwood.com or 516 882 5464).