Find Your College Scholarships and Acceptances Pot O’ Gold

Lads and Lasses

Tomorrow (Tuesday night!), my wee bonnie lass and I are going to help you discover your college admissions and financial aid pot of gold at the end of the college planning rainbow!

That’s right, Pearl and I have kissed the Blarney Stone, cleaned/sanitized our lips and are ready to help you get lucky with thick envelopes, grants and scholarships instead of falling prey to the mischief of the leprechauns in the admissions and financial aid office!


Here is what YOU will discover tomorrow night:

  • “Loopholes” in the financial aid formulas that are as difficult to find as a four leaf clover on Mars
  • The truth about how you can get into a top school and make others GREEN with envy if you’re a “regular” kid and have the same grades and scores as 5,000 other applicants
  • A re-”hash” (Hash. Get it?) of recent changes to the financial aid formulas and how they affect you
  • Disappointed by your financial aid award?  Don’t STEW over it, learn the exact techniques we used to improve a Glen Head NY family’s “final” offer from NYU by  a whopping $25,000 – per year!
  • The truth about scholarships, who really gets ‘em, who doesn’t
  • Surprising facts about which types of savings accounts hurt you more than others, and which are entirely “off the record” (legally!)
  • The 529 – good, bad or what?
  • Business owners – WATCH OUT! This crazy FAFSA rule can getcha if you’re not careful
  • What to do at the last minute if you’ve saved in the wrong places
  • Your questions! (We’ll be running chat!)


This is a live presentation, so do whatever you can to make it!  No plans for a replay.

Please forward/share this with your fellow parents of a college-bound teen who needs this information, or else I’m going to use a really bad Irish brogue throughout the webinar. (Trust me, neither one of us wants this!)

See you tomorrow night, my little lucky charm!


Andy “When Jewish Eyes Are Smiling” O’ Lockwood

P.S.   This a live, one-time event, we’re not configured for a replay.  Here’s where to sign up!

P.P.S. If you’re curious, here are the reasons why I try to make these messages entertaining:

  • I can’t help myself, I’ve been a wiseass my whole life and it’s too late to change or stop amusing myself (shocker)
  • The college process is stressful enough as it is, I’m trying to make it less stressful for you
  • I am differentiating myself from all of our competitor-college planners out there, which, not coincidentally, is what we coach kids to do in the college process – stand out, get attention (but not necessarily with costumes). Gettin’ in is all about marketing, baby!
  • I am trying to attract the kinds of people I want to hang out with (i.e. people with a sense of humor)
  • I like to force Pearl to dress up in costumes, let’s just leave it at that.

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