“Secrets” to Slashing College Tuition By 49.1%, Even if you think “Families like us NEVER qualify for anything!” [Webinar]

college advisor's webinar reveals financial aid and scholarships secrets

Webinar re: financial aid and scholarships by Andy Lockwood

Tonight we’re doing a brand new financial aid and scholarships “How To” webinar for parents of Class of 2019 kids and younger.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have heard something about how freakin’ RIDICULOUSLY out-of-hand the cost of college is today compared to when we were growing up!

But I betcha dollars to donuts that you have NOT heard how anyone – can qualify for tuition discounts of 15%, 20%, 30% or more, no matter how much they earn or what they’ve heard from other parents who think they’re experts and share their opinions with anyone within earshot  (I call these folks “schmexperts” 🙂

Truth be told, at any given college, approximately 25% of families pay full price, subsidizing the other 75%.

In other words, paying full price is a CHOICE, not an obligation.

Here’s where to get the time, registration and log-in info:


This is “101-level” class on how it all works, not an infomercial or thinly veiled sales pitch.  You can keep your wallet tucked away in your “pockabook,” pants or Man Purse.

It’s more of an interactive workshop, which means that Pearl and I will be answering your questions live, in chat.  It also means that this is a one-shot event, we don’t have another webinar on the books.

Here’s what’s on tonight’s agenda:

  • Is there a “cut off number” for income (how much is too much?)

  • The truth about whether six-figure earning families can qualify for five figure awards using legal and ethical “loopholes”

  • The new “Look Back” period for the financial aid forms

  • Business Owner Landmines:  The #1 way that they scr-w themselves…and how to avoid it!

  • How a private college with a shockingly high sticker price can actually cost LESS than a “cheap” state university

  • Negotiation tips that a brilliant, handsome (and modest) college planner used to help his client obtain an extra $30,058 from a top private college AFTER its alleged “final” offer

  • Did I mention handsome? (I know I made the same joke yesterday but it’s still funny.  Just ask me.)

  • The 529:  “Friend or Foe?”

  • Which college savings accounts penalize you more than others, which do not penalize you at all?

  • Divorced/Separated families – special tips and huge errors to avoid

  • What to do at the last minute if you have saved in the wrong places

  • 12+ deadly mistakes to avoid in the financial aid process

  • More!


Plus, when you show up on time, we’ll give you a free copy of my newly-updated #1 Best Seller, How to Pay “Wholesale” for College! 

Tonight’s class is completely free and without any obligation to buy anything…

…but the information you’ll acquire is worth thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. I know that sounds hypey, but it’s 100% true. I get comments and thank you’s from webinar attendees all the time, because they paid attention to what I taught and implemented the lessons.

Or, you can get stuck paying Full Boat if you prefer! 🙂

Please forward this to any parent who’s stressed out how they’ll afford college, or where to start, etc.  They’ll owe you “Big League!”


See you tonight on the interwebs!


P.S.  Definitely pass this invite along to anyone who could use this info.

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