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Financial Aid & Scholarships Workshop Tomorrow in Huntington

My Fellow Humans –

We’re doing a free college planning workshop tomorrow, Saturday morning at the Long Island Achievement Center in Huntington.

As the presumptive nominee, I will be delivering a landmark speech* that will outline my platform, including:

  • How to negotiate a better deal with the college financial aid office after they’ve issued you their “final” award
  • How to WIN the college financial aid game even if you earn six figures and think “No way can we qualify”
  • How the financial aid system is RIGGED against Forgotten Middle Class families and what they can do about it
  • Five YUGE, costly mistakes on the financial aid forms to avoid, that could cost you thousands
  • Why the advice you’ve received from your establishment CPA or “Financial Guy” may have screwed your chances of getting a fair award…and what to do about it at the 11th hour
  • How the price for an expensive private college might end up lower than an alleged “cheaper” state university
  • Tricky, sneaky strategies for business owners that do not involve bankrupting your company or moving your biz offshore
  • Special considerations for divorced and separated parents whose names are not “Ivanka”
  • How to plaster your hairdo into place and make it camera-ready with proper hair product 🙂

This event is tomorrow morning, hope you can make it, details below.

It’s a smallish (non-YUGE) venue, 20 slots (featuring terrific folks of all sorts of backgrounds, orientations and ethnicities, thank you very much!) are already spoken for between our registration page and the LI Achievement Center’s:


God Bless!

– Andy “Not Invited To Cleveland Or Philly” Lockwood

P.S. I will not be working off a teleprompter, so no script – anything goes! Bring your questions!


*Or saying the same ol’ stuff I always say! 🙂