Your financial aid pot o' gold

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Most families feel $#*t out of luck when it comes to finding financial aid and scholarships, but tomorrow, you will discover your pot of gold at the end of the financial aid rainbow!

You’re invited to stop by tomorrow (Wednesday) night, we’re hosting a live “Pre St Patty’s Day” hangout for parents of college-bound teens who are uptight and stressed about paying for college. (Bill de Blasio will not be in attendance.)

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This hangout is for parents who want real answers – not half-truths, rumors or urban legend – about whether they have any shot of qualifying for grants, scholarships and other financial aid.

You will discover how to comfortably afford to send your deserving child to her “dream” college at a hefty discount. Your friends will be green with envy, wondering how you pulled this off!

Here’s what’s brewing tomorrow night:

  • How you can make negotiating with a college a heck of alot easier than finding a four leaf clover (you won’t believe the results we’ll share)
  • The five biggest money-losing mistakes parents make in the financial aid process and how to avoid them
  • The odd, counter-intuitive reason why a private college with a ridiculous price tag can cost you less than a “cheaper” state university
  • WARNING – did you – or your financial advisor – SABOTAGE your eligibility for aid by making this deadly error? (And how to “fix” it at the 11th hour.)
  • The overly complicated, “double-secret” financial aid formula, simplified
  • How much is too much? The magic number for income – if you go above this ceiling, you won’t qualify
  • Recent changes to the financial aid rules and what they mean for you
  • Your questions! (We’ll be live, so we’ll be chatting online.)

And yes! We’ll be doing our traditional trivia giveaway for the 1st person to correctly answer our challenge question during the webcast, which has proven to be the most popular feature of our webcasts!

Feedback has been incredible (to my face, at least), which is awesome! We do our best to make this dry, stressful subject fun, even if we get a little goofy at times!

Please pass this invite along to as many friends (actual or Facebook), family, “frenemies” – whomever – who could use this info!

See you tomorrow night!

-Andy O’ Lockwood

P,S, Fair warning – if you’re NOT a fun, easygoing person (check with folks at work, staff at radio talk shows you call into or wherever you spend your time if you’re not sure), this is NOT the right place for you. Sometimes we veer slightly off course before getting back to the content. Apologies in advance.