Financial Aid Deadlines And Other Workshop Questions

In this episode I answer questions that I was asked at a recent workshop at the Suffolk County Y JCC, Jewish Sports Hall of Fame room (a small closet, actually.) (That was a joke, the hall of fame room was pretty big. 🙂

Here are some of the highlights!

*How does the whole thing work?
*Can I qualify for financial aid?
*Is there a “magic number” cut-off for income where i will not qualify?
*What is EFC?
*What’s a quick way to calculate how much “they” (college financial aid offices) expect me to pay?
* Did I save in the wrong places/what can I do?
*What are some of the big mistakes on the FAFSA (Free Application For Federal Student Aid)?
*Does my house (primary residence) “count” against me?
*What are the deadlines to file the financial aid forms?
* More!

Two resources mentioned in this episode:

FAFSA Forecaster:

How to Pay “Wholesale” for College

Enjoy this episode, I hope you find it valuable!