When “Final” Doesn’t Mean “Final”

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Close your eyes and pretend that it’s April, only a few months way, and you’re waiting for your financial aid and scholarship awards for your high school Senior.

(OK, open them to read the rest of this message. 🙂

I won’t sugar coat it, lots o’ parents aren’t exactly psyched by what they discover – the ol’ lowball!

Wait a gosh darned minute, I hear you saying, if you look on all those college websites it looks like they’re so generous – everyone gets money!


Colleges are businesses.  Shocking, right?  But they’re “non-profits!”

Yes, grasshopper, but let’s talk about how things work on planet Earth, intead of the loopholes and flaws of the 503(c) IRS non-profit rules, shall we?

Because colleges are businesses, they don’t always give their customers – admitted students  – their absolute highest and best offer, whether we’re talking scholarships and financial aid.

In other words, your award is an O-F-F-E-R, not written in stone.

Now that you know that fun fact, your inquiring mind might want to know HOW to negotiate with a college, correct?

The answer:  your best defense is a good offense.  Know that colleges need to chase kids to come just as badly as kids feel they have to chase colleges.

They need to put butts in seats.  Butts of kids they want.

So if you apply to two colleges that compete with EACH OTHER, and one gives a better offer, you take that offer and stick it in the face of the stingier college and scream, “Yo!  What can youse guys do for me!”

Or slightly less aggressive words to that effect.

We’ll give a framework of exactly how to negotiate a financial aid award during tonight’s class, 10 Fatal Financial Aid Mistakes (and how to avoid them).

I hope you can make it.  One little throwaway comment you hear and implement could be worth thousands, or even more.  I know that sounds like puffery, but Pearl and I hear it all the time from past webinar attendees.

The class is free and at the end, we will offer a discount on our forms prep services for non do-it-yourselfers who want more help.


We’re planning on covering questions like:

  • What is the income “cut-off” for financial aid?
  • What is the financial aid “look-back” period?
  • When do I file forms?
  • Which forms do I have to file?
  • If I’m not going to qualify should I file anyway?
  • Does my 529 hurt me?
  • Can I “hide” money from the financial aid office?
  • Are offers negotiable?
  • I own a business – am I up Shnit’s Creek?
  • I am divorced/separated – how the H. E. double hockey sticks should we fill out the forms?

And anything goes, since we’ll be live in chat!

This event is one night only.  Here’s where to to sign up:


Please share this until your fingers cramp up, it’s that important! 🙂

See you tonight!

-Andy Lockwood

P.S.  We’re getting questions about our ACT and SAT test prep classes.   We’ve got courses for the October ACT/SAT and beyond, for local families. Registration is currently open until we max out (the classes are teensy-weensy 🙂

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