Fatal Financial Aid Mistakes

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We’re less than a month away from “F-Day”  – the day that the FAFSA, CSS Profile and other financial aid forms come out!  Yay.

Although the FAFSA (Free Application for Financial Aid) is  relatively harmless looking on its face, it’s easy as pie to make a teeny-weeny little error that will have long lasting, and expensive repercussions…

…that mean the difference between sending your kid to his “Dream School,” where he worked his tush off to get in – versus crushing his hopes and dreams if you have to confess, Sorry, you didn’t get enough money – I just can’t swing it.

There are two types of errors, broadly speaking:  mistakes of commission – where you put down incorrect info (such as oversharing information about your assets that are nobody’s business)…

…and mistake of omission – where you either leave OUT information  – or fail to employ legal and ethical strategies to optimize their positioning for aid and scholarships.

We see all sorts of errors, made by really smart, educated people such as CPAs, financial advisors, attorneys, you name it – that sabotage their eligibility.

So on Wednesday night, Pearl and I are hittin’ the interwebz for a live instructional class, 10 Fatal Financial Aid Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

If you have questions about:

  • What is the income “cut-off” for financial aid?
  • What is the financial aid “look-back” period?
  • When do I file forms?
  • Which forms do I have to file?
  • If I’m not going to qualify should I file anyway?
  • Does my 529 hurt me?
  • Can I “hide” money from the financial aid office?
  • Are offers negotiable?
  • I own a business – am I scroooged?
  • I am divorced/separated – how the H. E. double hockey sticks should we fill out the forms?

Then you absolutely, positively owe it to yourself and your young ‘uns to stop by Wednesday night.  I can assure you, it will NOT be the same old, same old you’ll get at your high school “Financial Aid Night/Waste of Time.”

It’s live and one night only.  Here’s where to to sign up:


See you on the air!

-Andy “Your Fine Feathered Financial Aid Friend” Lockwood

P.S.  We’re running test prep classes for the ACT and SAT.   They’re small group, so everyone gets personalized attention. And they’re guaranteed, so you can’t miss!

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