SAT vs ACT Live Q&A

In this episode, college consultant Andy Lockwood grills Marissa Uneberg, Esq., head of tutoring at Lockwood Test Prep with several high stakes, gotta-know-em questions, including: What do you do if you have a kid with great grades, but is a poor test taker? Is “Test Optional” really test optional? If you get the same scores…

How to Bust College Essay Writers Block

College consultant Andy Lockwood shares some widespread obstacles facing college essay writers, and an “old school” way to bust through writer’s block (that he uses personally). More info at and

On Teacher Recommendations

I’ve been getting a bunch of questions about teacher recommendations lately so I figured it could be on your mind. Here are some thoughts…  Resources mentioned in this episode: Email: Bootcamp for seniors: Inner Circle (and college guru software): Hope this helps! 🙂

How to Avoid College Admissions Armageddon – May 2021

This episode was originally a webinar broadcast in May 2021, after the admissions cycle for high school class of 2021 graduates wrapped up for the most part. I covered: Just how hard was it to get into college this year? The impact of test-optional for 2021, 2022 and younger students What admissions officers want to see…