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Special Corona-cast edition

College Advisors Pearl and Andy Lockwood rag on the kids featured in a New York Times article about the impact of Coronavirus on campus. Well, that’s kind of harsh and a slight exaggeration. Pearl and Andy talk about THEIR lessons, and what they hope our kids learn from these strange times.

The College Ostrich

College advisors Pearl and Andy Lockwood chat about college rejections, how easily avoidable they are, how to keep your head out of the sand when creating a college list and other unforced errors. See for more information on the tool mentioned in this episode. Use the coupon code “PODCAST” for a delightful little discount 🙂

Madam Pearl and Soothsayin’ Andy Lockwood’s College Predictions 2020

Which colleges will be “hot?” Which “not?” Which colleges will roll out the red carpet and lavish copious amounts of merit and need-based aid? College consultants (unindicted) Pearl and Andy Lockwood of Lockwood College Prep peer into the future and reveal what 2020 will bring for families with college-bound teens.

Negotiate Financial Aid & Merit Aid Offers

In this episode, college advisor Andy Lockwood chats about how to negotiate financial aid and merit aid offers from colleges. Also covered: when to take the SAT or ACT, college visit tips, more for juniors and sophomores. Here is registration info for the SAT and ACT More information about Lockwood College Prep, their financial aid…