Dumb to Ignore This Irishman

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, it’s the right time to acknowledge another famous Irishman.  One who should be the patron saint of college planning, if there were such a thing.

Can you guess who I’m talking about?

Murphy.  As in “Murphy’s Law.”

What ol’ Murph teaches us on a near-daily basis is that, whatever can go wrong, will.

Take a look at recent, crazy events:

* Hurricane Sandy

* A sinkhole swallowing up a house in Florida

* Lance Armstrong admitting he cheated!

OK, maybe the last example wasn’t quite as shocking as the first two, but you get the point: “life” happens.  

And when life happens, there’s no warning.

Kids get rejected from “safety” schools, even though each of their parents is a legacy and there’s a building named after them.

Parents bank on athletic scholarships…but their kids burn out.  Or get injured.

Parents expect a fair offer from a financial aid office, then are blindsided when they finally hear back.

Assumptions are dangerous.

One of the easiest, smartest things you can do to avoid Mr. Murphy’s surprises is to learn how to qualify for tuition discounts from America’s top colleges. There are billions available, between government programs and the endowments of the colleges themselves.

And no, this “pot of gold” is not only for low-income families.  In fact, at any given college, roughly 70-75% receive financial assistance.

You read that correctly – 25% subsidize the rest.  At my firm, we have a word for this group of full-paying parents:


Sorry, that was a cheap shot.  But you get my point…don’t just blindly assume that financial aid is not for you.

And remember, a 15-20% discount off the sticker price of college can mean the difference between telling your son or daughter “Sorry, I can’t afford it” and “Yes – you CAN go to your dream school!”

If you’ve been putting this off for 15, 16 years, preoccupied with your everyday stuff, my advice is to drop what you’re doing and register for an upcoming workshop on “How to Pay ‘Wholesale’ for College.”

http://www.CollegeFinanceWorkshop.com  (cut/paste that link if you can’t click on it)

Because Mr. Murphy doesn’t care about whatever is distracting you.

Your College Planning Leprechaun (albeit a 6’3″, 250 lb Jewish Leprechaun)

– Andy O’ Lockwood

P.S.  The schedule of workshops is below.  (Cut and paste the link if it doesn’t work for you.)

But if you can’t make the “live” version, reply to this email and Lisa will send you a link to an online version you can attend from the comfort of your own home!


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