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Declare Your Independence From The Overpriced, Rip Off Colleges

This is completely unusual for us  – you can get our Instant College Funding System for 50% off right now AND a big fat bonus:  a personal review/critique of your financial aid forms…

…so we can catch any glaring, money-losing errors BEFORE the financial aid office does!

The “sticker price” on this system is $497- so you’re getting everything at a tiny fraction of that price (a measly $248.50!).

Check out this page where I explain everything  – including our unconditional, no hassles satisfacton guarantee.  Enter the coupon code ‘1776’ (no quotes) for the discount.

Why are we doing this goofy “Independence Week” sale?

Two hundred-plus years ago the Founders rose up against unfair, oppressive tyranny revolving around taxation without representation. In other words, they were getting ripped off.

Today’s “Forgotten Middle Class” families are facing a new tyranny: overpriced, rip-off colleges charging us up the wazoo for an education, the value of which is highly questionable, to say the least.

  • Student debt passed the $1.4 Trillion mark

  • Defaults are at least 20%

  • Student debt is the prime reason cited by college grads why they’re not starting a business or buying a home

  • 50% of recent college grads don’t have a job that requires a college degree!

I could go on and on with this declaration, but you get the point.  The deck is stacked against you, so now we’re doing something about it like Paul Revere riding through Boston, shouting his famous warning, whatever he actually said!

The other reason is that feedback from our initial “beta” group of customers has been flat out amazing, so I wanted to give you the same opportunity!

So…I am going to bend over backwards to get the Instant College Funding System into your hands…to the tune of 50% off.

ICF includes an incredibly easy to use, fun to watch series of lessons, checklists and other materials  on how to quickly, easily and accurately file your financial aid forms so you don’t lose out on financial aid because of a dumb mistake.

Even seemingly harmless, little errors can result in the lost of thousands – even TENS of thousands – of dollars of financial aid you otherwise deserved.   (I’m talking about mistakes of commission AND mistakes of omission!)

More importantly, you’ll see exactly where the specific money-sucking “landmines” lurk that you’ll need to avoid if you want to get the most $$ you’re entitled to.

Plus it covers what to do if you got “hosed” by the financial aid office, ‘cause it ain’t over until it’s over!  I’ll train you how to negotiate with the financial aid office so you can squeeze a few extra bucks out of them after their “final” offer!

And there’s more – the ICF system includes grant and scholarship-enhancing sneaky (but legal!) strategies to MULTIPLY your eligibility

…whether you’re a “Last Minute Louie” with deadlines looming (I know it’s summer, but FAFSA comes out in less than four months!) , or 1-2 years away from filing (you have a Junior or Sophomore).

You’ll never get this info from your guidance counselor, accountant or any book.  No way.

You’ll never get this info for a price this low, either.

30 Day Guarantee

There’s no risk to you, in the least, because this product is covered by a 30 day, no questions asked, 100% satisfaction guarantee. You’ll see it on the description page.

But you must act now – I’m increasing the price back to $497 because feedback from past customers has made it crystal clear what incredible value we’re providing.

The HALF OFF sale ends midnight Saturday June 9th.

Go here to find out more.

*Enter the coupon code ‘1776’ (no quotes) for the discount.*

Plus, when you enroll in Instant College Funding System before midnight on Saturday, you get 3 additional bonuses worth $841:

— Bonus #1: We will personally review your FAFSA, CSS Profile and any other financial aid forms BEFORE you file, to give ‘em the once over and catch any glaring mistakes or identify any overlooked opportunities to save $$.  Value:  $495

Letters That Worked – letters of appeal/negotiation sent to financial aid offices to improve initial, stingy offers, editable in MS Word.  Each produced more than $16,000 in improved offers. (Each, not total!)  Value:  $97

**This can be pretty doggone valuable: last year, we helped one of our beta customers get an extra $16,200 from Harvard – their initial offer was a goose egg!** This year we used the same techniques to goose an initial offer from Muhlenberg by $10,075.  Two years ago, we improved an offer from Emory by $38,579.  (Each figure is for ONE year, fyi).

Note from the Legal Department (me): Obviously I cannot promise or imply that you’ll get similar results, but don’t you agree how this unconditionally guaranteed, trial offer is a no-brainer for any reasonable person?)

— Bonus #3 –

Fast Start Consultation – for the first 12 to enroll, complimentary phone consultation to ensure that you’re going down the right path with ICF and using it in the most time-efficient manner possible for your personal circumstances.  Value:  $249

Any of these bonuses could create a windfall for you that far exceeds the miniscule price you’d lay out to grab your membership today.  Think about it, any one little smidge of the advice contained in these 29-odd lessons could save you $2,000, $10,000 or even $20,000 – per YEAR – per kid!

All told, with your special discount, you’re saving 50% off the “sticker price” for the Instant College Funding System!

This is how you can make the smartest possible investment in your future…and your college-bound teens’ futures….for a teensy  fraction of the sticker price. 🙂

Which means that you could comfortably afford to send your deserving teen to her “dream” school, the one she worked so hard to get into!

My private consulting clients pay $2,500-8,500 for much of the advice contained in ICF.  Today, you can “steal” the same information for pennies on the dollar.

Here’s your link you need to get going with the Instant College Funding System, and in just seconds, you’ll be inside, learning all of our college cost-busting, secret  tools!


Enter the coupon code ‘1776’ (no quotes) for the discount.

Talk soon,

Andy Lockwood

PS – This BIG TIME sale ends at midnight on Saturday, July 9th!

To get your discount, just go here, don’t forget the code ‘1776’ to get 50% off.

P.P.S.  I know this sounds hypey, but the truth is self evident – whether you have a rising Senior, Junior or younger, the Instant College Funding System could change you and your child’s life.