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You're In! The College Success for Less Report

Thank you and congratulations on deciding to take us up on our trial offer for the College Success For Less Report. As stated, you have 30 days to ‘test drive’ the material, after which your subscription converts into a low, introductory monthly amount, cancelable at any time by you.

You’re going to receive an unannounced free bonus gift, a new report that I just polished off, The College Consumer Guide.™  It’s coming via email. 

This report details, in one place and in an easy to read (hopefully)  format, a summary of our best advice on college admissions, scholarships and financial aid.  And perhaps a joke or two.  Pearl and I wanted you to have it as my of saying “thanks” for becoming a Charter Subscriber or The College Success For Less Report.

Here’s another bonus I promised, a recording of an interview I conducted with Don Betterton, former admissions committee member of Princeton University.  If you have questions about what admissions officers REALLY look for, the college essay, etc. etc. etc., I suggest you block out 45 minutes of uninterrupted time to pay attention!


As a reminder, here’s what’s in store for you as a subscriber:

  • Timely updates about changes to financial aid. Example:  recently, the Department of Education moved up the timeline for the FAFSA, changed their rules about which tax return applicants must submit, and changed the way applicants sign via their PIN.  All in one year!
  • SAT and ACT changes and strategies
  • Admissions trends – which colleges are hot, which are “Not”
  • Case studies – look over my shoulder as I advise my private clients on admissions strategies, college essays, extracurricular activities, financial aid and scholarships
  • Interviews with ultimate “insiders,” including admissions officers from top colleges, career and majors experts who can help identify satisfying and potentially lucrative fields of study
  • Resources including websites to identify merit-based scholarships from colleges, “outside” scholarships, important, timely articles, recommended books and other noteworthy, helpful information
  • College loan info – where to find loans with better rates and fees that what the college or government may offer, tips on how to qualify, more
  • Unique strategies and advice for business owners
  • “Fun” stuff (contests, occasionally funny jokes)
  • Topics YOU want me to cover via our special “Ask Andy” mailbox!

Unlike other newsletters, I write each and every little word. There’s no “fluff” about recipes, puzzles or other canned stuff.

That means that, if you end up crumpling your issue into a ball in a fit of rage, that I’m 100% to blame!

On the other hand, it also means that you’ll receive a fresh, unique point of view each month. My goal is to educate and entertain, but always to give the best information and opinions – based on more than 15 years of advising families with college-bound teens – real, tested and proven concepts, techniques and strategies.

OK, that’s it for now – welcome aboard!  Your first issue should arrive in about a week’s time, assuming the post office works its magic!

Speak soon,

-Andy Lockwood