New York CPA Continuing Professional Education Class

Dear Tax Professional

Chances are that many of your clients are extremely stressed out about how they can possibly afford to pay for college!

No wonder, many colleges have crossed the $70K per year mark!

The Inconvenient Truth

Here’s the sad, inconvenient truth:  your clients want answers, but they’re not getting them anywhere.  Not from their guidance counselors, not from their financial advisor, and not from all of those websites, college guidebooks, parent chatter on Facebook – not ANYWHERE!

Imagine, for a minute, what would happen if YOU were to ride in – like a knight in shining armor – and rescue them from their days, weeks and months worth of sleepless nights!

You would prove to them how valuable you are and that you truly are “in their corner” – which will not only solve their huge problem, but also help you retain them longer and increase your referrals!

Our Free Offer

We teach a two hour, two credit CPE class on financial aid strategies for “Forgotten Middle Class” families who think they can’t qualify for anything.  If you can get together a group of five or more CPAs, there is no charge!

You may find that the most appealing thing on this page, being a CPA and all 🙂

Even better, we will come to your conference room in most cases!  So you don’t have to travel!

That makes it 1. free AND 2. convenient to pick up two credits, in case you’re not great at counting stuff! 🙂

The “Catch”

I bet you’re waiting for a catch, you cynic!   Fine, here it is:

This class is NOT a boring, dry run-through of the financial aid rules. If that’s what you’re looking for, I’m not your guy.

Incidentally, if you ARE looking for charts and power points, here’s something from the Department Of Education:

fin aid chart


No wonder why it’s so easy to get bad information about financial aid!

Our class is an interactive, occasionally humorous (the material is bone dry – work with me!) look at how the whole “college thing” works, including lots of examples, anecdotes and financial aid jokes! (Actually, there’s only one good financial aid joke.   And it’s not really that good.)

Why are we doing this for free?

We offer this at no charge (if you get a minimum 5 CPA’s attend) for two reasons:

  1. We’re indirectly promoting our business, by spreading the word to key influencers like CPAs we get to help more parents who could use our college financial aid, college applications, essays and other college planning services
  2. There is so much misinformation and confusion about how the financial aid system works – even from CPAs! – that we decided to do whatever we could to help get good information into the hands of those who can, in turn, share it with those who need it (parents)

Here is the formal outline that the State Of New York made me get approved:


  1. Overview of college funding process
    1. Need-based aid
    2. Merit-based aid
    3. “Tax Scholarships”
  2. The landscape
    1. Is going to college worth it?  How to evaluate “College ROI”
    2. College costs – history and explanation
    3. Student loan debt
    4. Graduation rates
    5. College discounting trend (predictions)
    6. State universities vs. private colleges and universities
  3. Timeline – When does the clock start ticking?
    1. “Base Year” and “Prior-Prior” – new regulations (Sept 2015)
    2. Deadlines to complete and submit financial aid forms
    3. Is there a “Look Back” period?
  4. Financial Aid Forms
    1. FAFSA
    3. Other
  5. The Financial Aid Formula
    1. Cost Of Attendance
    2. Estimated Family Contribution (EFC)
    3. Need
  6. EFC Deep Dive
    1. EFC factors
    2. What “counts” against you, or which types of savings accounts penalize you more than others in the formulas
    3. Which savings accounts and/or assets are entirely exempt?
    4. Pros and cons of sheltering assets to improve eligibility
    5. The 529:  Friend or Foe?
  7. “Loopholes” and “Landmines”
    1. Five legal loopholes that could cut your clients’ college costs
    2. 10 deadly landmines that could sabotage your clients’ eligibility
  8. What to do if your clients do not qualify for need-based aid?
    1. Endowment-based merit scholarships
    2. “Outside” scholarships
    3. Tactics for high net worth business owners
  9. Divorced and separated families
    1. Which parent completes the forms? Definition of  “Custodial Parent”
    2. Which colleges require custodial and non-custodial parents’ information
    3. Settlement agreement obligations versus the financial aid office’s expectations
    4. Remarried spouses – what information must be disclosed on the financial aid forms?
  10. Business owner special considerations
    1. How to properly evaluate business value
    2. Advice for high net worth business owners
  11. Negotiation tips and tactics
    1. When your “Final Offer” isn’t final
    2. Three (3) arguments to make to the college financial aid office after they have issued a substandard award
    3. How to multiply odds of successfully negotiating
    4. Anatomy of a successful negotiation and appeal letter

If you think you’d benefit from this class, and you’re enough of a cheapskate to say “Yes!” to any free CPE (even an ethics course taught by Anthony Weiner), call us today to set up your event!

The number to call is is 516.882.5464

Speak soon!




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