Our office number is 516.882.5464 and email –  for general inquiries – is  You can also check out:

Where you can:

    1. Schedule a “College Strategy Session” conference call  (subject to availability):  pick my brain about anything you like (I won’t review anything before the call.  I just shoot from the hip!).
    2. Schedule a Comprehensive Strategic Planning Session (subject to availability):  I will review your most recent tax return, savings and other assets, student info such as grades, scores, colleges (or types of colleges under consideration), extra-curricular activities, you name it.  Live, face-to-face, phone or Skype (allow 90 minutes).  A few days later, you will receive a brief, easy to read and understand report outlining the specific college planning strategies I recommend.  $1,500. Credited toward future consulting retainer, if applicable.


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FAQs re:  Our services

Permit me to address some questions I get from time to time:

1. Can your services help everyone?  No.  we cannot help everybody who inquires, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s because of the types of colleges the child is considering.  Other times it’s because the child is not a good fit for us, i.e. not “coachable” or reluctant to take our advice  Sometimes it has to do with the financial picture of the family.  If I cannot help a prospective client, I tell them immediately and advise them not to waste their money on our services.

2.  What are your fees?  My consulting  fees for private clients range from $2,500 to more than $12,000, depending on the amount of time I put in with the student.  Also, we have a lower cost forms preparation business (FAFSA Warrior) and other products and services and free resources, including our show, College Talk Tuesday. Also, I shamelessly  recommend our #1 Best Selling books, How to Pay “Wholesale” for College and The Incomparable Applicant,

Although I cannot make any explicit or implicit guarantees, my personal goal is for clients to see a “return” on their investment of at least five times the amount paid.  Many clients see far more.

3. What do you do?   It depends on what the client wants and/or needs. We provide expertise in “marketing” their child, i.e. helping the applicant stand out from thousands of other competitor-applicants with near-identical grades and scores. This includes

  • coaching and advice on majors
  • career counseling,
  • advice re:  extra-curricular activities, classes, courses etc.
  • strategic college selection, application,
  • essay brainstorming and editing (we have a team of former admissions officers at highly selective colleges to help
  • resume guidance starting in Sophomore or Junior Year;  occasionally as late as the summer of Senior Year. (Watch a short video about this.
  • Other clients want advice to qualify for more merit-based and need-based financial aid.  

4.  When is the best time to get started?  Conception!  Hah. Although a few clients start when they’re freshmen (usually because the family had an older kid who went through the college process with less than desired results), I personally find that most kids – esp. boys – are not ready that early.’

I have found the ideal time to be somewhere around the second half of Sophomore year of high school, because it leads to the most critical year pertaining to college admissions, the Junior year.  Most clients wait until Junior or even Senior year. Sometimes I can help, but sometimes it’s too late.  The earlier you start the better, in general.  Suggestion:  ask a family who has already been through the process when they wished they had started, if they knew then what they now know.

5.  How do we start working together?  The first step is to schedule a  20 minute College Strategy Session with me so each of us can decide whether we’re a good fit for one another.  (Availability varies, fee applied to future consulting, if applicable.) Not everyone thinks I walk on water, shockingly.  And I can’t help everyone I speak with.  

If you want a more formal sit down, consider the Comprehensive Planning Session, where I review all of your pertinent information and provide a written strategy document.  (If we end up deciding to work together, we will credit this fee against our consulting retainer.)  If you are unsure which direction to go, start with the College Strategy Session.

Last, there are some types of people who I could help. but should stay away any way:  I’m talking about angry, entitled, blamey or all around “unfun” people, who will end up hating me, take my word.  You know who you are – scat! 🙂

Seriously, my sense of humor has been described as “sarcastic,” “irreverent,” and “puerile” (thanks, Mom).  I don’t recall anyone using words like “tasteful” or “erudite,” either.

I think it’s a good thing to lighten the mood during a tense, stressful process.  But not everyone agrees with me (sigh).

Point is, if you and/or your child do not care for  wiseass remarks, or unconventional and strategic thinking that will often conflict with what your guidance counselor or CPA told you, I’m the wrong guy for you.

OK, this page is long enough! Speak soon!