My Personal College Scam Confession: Webinar

How to Get Into Your "Dream College" Without Lying, Photoshopping or Facing Federal Indictment

How to legally and ethically "10X" odds of admission to a top college - that will actually help you succeed POST-COLLEGE - and pay "Wholesale" prices...even if you think, No way can families like us possibly qualify for anything!

Local author and college consultant reveals how to *multiply" odds of admission to your Dream School...
...without lying, photoshopping or facing federal indictment!
On this free webinar, you will discover the four-step system developed by Andy Lockwood to help students gain admission to the most competitive colleges in the country... "wholesale" prices.
Topics to be covered include:
  • A candid, not necessarily politically correct analysis of who really gets in
  • How much do GPA and standardized test scores really "count?" Warning: this may shock you
  • What admissions officers are looking for in a college essay...and what they hope and pray you do NOT write
  • Strange facts about merit aid
  • Legal "loopholes" to triple your eligibility for financial aid, even if you think "Families like us can't possibly qualify for anything!"
  • The inconvenient, borderline outrageous truth about the 529 and whom it penalizes
  • More!
WARNING: This is not an informercial or time-share pitch. You can keep your wallet in your pocket. 🙂
This presentation is entirely free and utterly devoid of any pressure or coercion to do anything, there is nothing to buy. It is merely a free class that we are offering as part of a marketing experiment for a short period.
Sign up for this valuable, free information today and give your child an almost unfair advantage in college admissions, scholarships and financial aid!
About the presenter:
Andy Lockwood is the author of four books on college planning, co-host of The College Planning Edge podcast and the talk show College Talk Tuesday with his wife and partner, Pearl Chizner Lockwood. Pearl and Andy own Lockwood College Prep and Lockwood Test Prep in Long Island, New York.