Comprehensive Planning Session

Dear Prospective Client –

Each week, I meet with prospective clients to examine issues such as:

  • How much will college cost me based on my income, how much I’ve saved and where I’ve saved it?
  • Can I do anything to increase my eligibility for merit or need-based financial aid?
  • Am I considering the most advantageous, strategic set of colleges (or should I look at other schools)?
  • Will my child be able to get into a top school and what, if anything, can we do to improve our odds?
  • I’m bombarded with a ton of opinions, advice and gossip about admissions and financial aid – can you cut through the clutter and make things simple for me?

If you have some, all or other questions (preferably college-related!), you’d benefit by booking a one-hour strategic planning session. I will review your financial profile (income, assets, etc.) and your student’s academic profile and give you my best advice about how to get in – and pay “wholesale” for – the best colleges in the country.

A few days later, I will email you a one or two page document that summarizes my findings and analysis.


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Unconditional Guarantee

I of course know that I will give you great advice, but what if you do not agree? Simply tell me at the consultation that you, in good faith, disagree, and I will promptly and courteously refund you on the spot, no hassles, no hard feelings. You are sole judge and jury. Is that fair? (Don’t answer – it’s a rhetorical question.) (The answer is “yes.”)

Why am I offering this? Is there a catch?

Nope. I’m confident from my 14-plus years counseling families with college-bound children that I’ve “seen it all,” – I know that I will provide valuable advice to you no matter how unique, hopeless, etc. you may think your situation is. If you think otherwise, tell me at our meeting and I’ll live up to my guarantee.

Note: Cancellations less than 48 business hours prior to the consultation will be charged (because you’re taking a slot that we would have filled otherwise). But this will be credited toward a re-booked consultation. I hope you understand – I’m running a business and your appointment represents a slot I could have given to another family!

I’m looking forward to meeting with you!

– Andy