Do This BEFORE You Look at Colleges

I wanted to suggest a resource that I’ve been playing around with, and found helpful.

The College Board site has a product called “My Road” that is kinda cool – its components include:

  • Personality testing
  • Career exploration
  • Majors
  • College search
  • More!

I like it for the first three aspects, but make up your OWN mind, for the love of all things holy!

My idea is that it’s a heckuva lot easier to pick a suitable college if you spend time on what the H-E double hockey-sticks you’re going to do with the NEXT 40, not just four, years.

No, I don’t expect anyone to answer the 100-odd questions and walk away with the rest of their life etched in stone, but it’s a good starting point!

Let me know what you think!

– Andy

P.S.  The cost is only about 20 bucks, which I like too!

P.P.S.  Many, not all, high schools use “Naviance” college planning software.  Naviance has a similar exercise, which I don’t think is as good, but will certainly suffice.  In other words, I don’t think you need to do both.  Check with your high school guidance counselor to see if you can access the personality and career inventories in Naviance.

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