Which College Has The Worst Food?

Which College Has The Worst Food?


WARNING – This post contains adult content and reader discretion is advised.  (No, not THAT kinda adult content – I mean gross, not smutty, stuff.)
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If you like thumb tacks and cockroaches in your food, you might want to check out Fordham University!

I’m not kidding – Fordham was cited by Princeton Review, then New York Daily News and other news outlets as having the worst food, several health violations, and other nasty stuff.

Fordham ain’t cheap, the one year cost of attendance is $57,106!  Do you think they could spiff up the food services a smidge for that price?

And Fordham has become known to guidance counselors and college planners like yours truly for offering free applications, a policy viewed by us as a sign of desperation to boost enrollment.  Coincidence?

Although they’ve shunned my suggestions thus far, I’ve come up with a winning slogan for them  to help out: 

Fordham University – Come for the Jesuit Education, Stay For The Rat Feces!

Hey, I warned you about this message!

Of course there are other things to learn about college, including how to cut your costs, “market” yourself to multiply your chances of admission and other insider strategies.

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