Your Kid Has The Same Grades & Test Scores As 5,000 Competitor-Applicants...Now What?

New system reveals how ANYONE can triple eligibility for financial aid and scholarships, even if they think, Families like us can't possibly qualify for ANYTHING...AND  jealously guarded secrets of how to"10X" odds of admission to your "Dream College" - GUARANTEED 

Confessions Of A College Advisor

Dear fellow parent:

If your son or daughter has strong grades and decent standardized testing credentials, you might think, "Everything's ok, we're doing everything right, they'll get into the colleges they deserve..."

But I need to level with you:

Getting into your "Dream College" takes far more than just great grades and ACT/SAT scores

I realize that this may contradict the "advice" you received from your high school guidance counselor, teachers or other parents.  But take a breath and think, for a moment...

Do you know any kids with superior academic credentials who were STUNNED when they were denied admission to their "Dream Colleges..."

...While others with lower GPA's and ACT or SAT scores got in?

I'm pretty sure you're nodding your head, which proves the point that getting into a decent college involves so much more than your kids' ability to "do the work!" 

It's obvious that, if you aspire to get into a top college today, you need an edge...

Beat Them At Their Own "Game"

Don't get me wrong, GPA and SAT/ACT scores are important...

But they are only part (approx. 60%) of the equation!

According to a mentor/colleague of mine, formerly a 30-year member of Princeton's admissions committee, college applicants are evaluated on 20-25 factors in total -  grades and test scores are merely two of them!

The good news is that, if you learn to play the rules of the game and give admissions officers EXACTLY what they want to see, you can beat the long odds flaunted by today's hyper-competitive colleges!

"Insider Secrets" From Actual Admissions Officers About What It REALLY Takes to Get Into A Top College

Today we're offering the third iteration of The College Success For Less and Coaching System.  

But I'm not sure that it's right for you.  

I'm waffling because I know, first hand, that our approach doesn't sit well with many families, particularly:

  • Those who think their guidance counselor walks on water and knows exactly what their kid wants and needs
  • Thin-skinned, easily offended folks who would rather complain that things should be different instead of taking ACTION to deal with reality
  • Parents whose kids aren't going to lift a finger, who want someone to do all the work for them

Picture Yourself,
Actually RELAXED :)

If you're still reading, let me tell you what happens when you say "yes" to either the College Success For Less Toolkit or College Success For Less Coaching Program.  You'll get access to a series of live, interactive web classes covering all aspects of applications, essays, financial aid, scholarships and the rest of the college process (recordings available) personally taught by "College Planning Guru" Andrew Lockwood, J.D and our team of admissions officers from one of the most competitive colleges in the country....

...and bonus access to proprietary, state-of-the art college selection software that makes Naviance look like something the Amish would use, designed by the afore-mentioned Princeton insider and two of his genius students.

This tool is not available to the public, but now you can access its proprietary algorithm to help you and your child avoid "Admissions Armageddon" and craft a balanced and strategic list of colleges!

...PLUS you will receive helpful - critical - timelines and reminders so you never blow a deadline or opportunity  - so that you can feel confident that you're doing everything you need to do, WHEN you need to do it...

...And that you're putting your best foot forward to the admissions committee...

...AND you're doing all the right things to qualify for EVERY last dollar you're entitled to in financial aid and scholarships!

In other words, you'll stop tossing and turning at night, wondering "Am I doing everything I need to be doing?"

Financial Aid "Loopholes" and "Land Mines" You Need To Know

I'll be blunt.  "Forgotten Middle Class" families are penalized by the financial aid formulas - heavily - for doing the right thing!

You know what I mean - going to work every day to provide for your family, saving up for college, generally living below your means.

In other words, following the (common sense) advice of your "financial guy" or accountant!

There's only one problem:

This advice REDUCES your eligibility for financial aid!

Yes, earning a decent living, saving up for your kids, paying off your home...all potentially BAD for grants and scholarships!

But you might be able to level the playing field... if you learn to take advantage of legal and ethical "loopholes" buried in the financial aid regulations...

...and steer clear of money-losing "land mines" that can SABOTAGE your chances of getting the grants and scholarships you need - and deserve!

"Thank you for all your help throughout the entire challenging process, esp. with the applications and essays!"

Victorien Jakobsen, Vassar College

"I needed someone to bounce ideas off of for the essays, it was great to have you. I knew my English teachers could not help me. Thank you!"

Julia Petrini, Brown University

"I know a lot of college planners who promise results but don't deliver. In your case, I got real results. "

Dr. Dennis O'Hara Superintendent, Hauppauge School District

"As soon as I walked through your door I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you for all you have done for my precious girls! "

Beth Marcus, Scottsdale, AZ

"Nicole is at her dream school, got her Presidential Scholarship - $25K! Thank you for all your help. I always recommend you to my friends. You and your team played a great role during that painful process. Thank god it's over lol! "

Elina Kazakevich, Staten Island NY

Here's What's Inside The "College Success For Less" Toolkit

The College Success For Less system is a five module, step-by-step, paint by numbers guide on how to choose a set of colleges strategically, multiply odds of admission, triple your eligibility for financial aid and win a boatload of fat, juicy scholarships along the way - guaranteed!

Module 1 - Get Real

The unpublished truth about what it takes to get into a top college and qualify for thousands of dollars of merit and need-based aid, even if you think No way do families like us qualify!

Module 2 - Get ROI

How to pick a college that will help you obtain a rewarding and lucrative career, instead of spending your post-college days making coffee drinks nobody can pronounce, only to return home to your parents' basement after your shift

Module 3 - Get In

Yes, grades and standardized test scores are important - but they constitute roughly 60% (!) of the equation! Learn what actual admissions officers from ultra-competitive college REALLY want. so you can maximize your chances of getting in...even if your family's last name isn't featured on a a new dorm or science building!

Module 4 - Get Cash

The average discount at a private college is north of 49%, and many state universities are bribing out of state, six figure-earning families with merit-based offers. Learn how to get your hands on these funds, even if your child isn't valedictorian, did not crush the SAT and is not a MENSA member!  Discover the EXACT locations on the FAFSA and CSS Profiles of the 4.5 "loopholes" that could 3x your eligibility, as well as unique, specific advice for business owners, divorced couples and more!

Module 5 - Get Gameplan

Putting it all together - Get a handle on when to visit colleges, whom to speak with, what to ask and everything  you need to do and when, so you're not blindsided at the last minute by deadlines or opportunities that you should have availed yourself of. Checklists, and other resources you can use to avoid costly trial and error!

But there's more to it...

I'm not going to pull punches, lie or "take the 5th." We are definitely NOT offering this course at a rock-bottom price or for a cut rate. To be blunt, It's not for families who don't understand the concept of "value" - as in, you get what you pay for. However, once you get inside the College Success For Less Toolkit you will naturally see that you have made a wise INVESTMENT, as opposed to an "expense." (The difference is obvious- an "investment" signals the fact that you will see a payoff that exceeds the amount we're asking. An "expense" does not.)

Bonuses worth $6,973

Our private consulting clients routinely fork over up to $12,000 for substantially the same advice that you can get hold of, today...

...But for a tiny fraction compared to what they invested.

You, on the other hand, won't pay half of that.

Or even half of that half! :)

Before I get to the bottom line, I wanted to highlight the amazing bonuses we decided to include to get you off the fence and make your decision to start your trial membership a "yuge" no brainer!

Check 'em out:

Bonus 1 - The Incomparable Applicant Organizer:

This handy and easy to use workbook will help you keep track of ALL of your passwords, deadlines, applications, college visit notes, more!  Hard copy delivered "snail mail" to your door! Value: $29

Bonus 2 - Financial Aid Forms Prep (coaching members only)

Accurate headache-free and pre-deadline preparation of your FAFSA, CSS Profile and ALL other supplemental forms.  Avoid deadly mistakes that could sabotage your eligibility for grants, scholarships and other financial aid.  Value:  $1,500

Bonus 3 - "College Guru" Software

Like Naviance on steroids!  Proprietary, personal and super-easy to use College Guru software  to help you craft a balance and strategic list and identify merit scholarship requirements and opportunities.  This software helps you take in to account the same 20 plus factors considered by admissions officers, and compares your son or daughter against EVERYONE admitted by each college on your list from the previous year.  Validity tests indicate 90% accurate, +/-.  12 month license - Value: $497

Bonus 4 - College Cost Analysis & Report

We will estimate your EFC (the amount the government thinks you can afford for college), identify any opportunities to improve eligibility and calculate your out of pocket cost for up to five (5) colleges - so you don’t waste valuable time chasing unaffordable colleges- Value: $297

Bonus 5 - Free VIP "Inner Circle" Membership

Free membership in our VIP Inner Circle - access to monthly (more frequent over summer) client-only Q&A coaching sessions, so you can get your personal questions answered, stay on track and never miss a deadline or opportunity.  Value:  $564

Bonus 6 - Fast Start Implementation Meeting With Andy

“Fast Start Implementation Meeting” with Andy to lay out a game plan, ensure you’re off on the right foot and that you’re maximizing the value from our training - Value: $450

Bonus 7 - Access To A Non-Public Interview With A Princeton Insider

Access to an unpublished recent interview with long time Princeton University admissions committee member and director of financial aid Don Betterton, answering questions such as:  What are good extra-curricular activities and what’s a waste of time?  Is there a quota for high schools? His answers are certain to surprise and educate you about what goes on behind closed doors of college admissions offices.  Value:  $197 (priceless)

Bonus 8 - College Essays That Worked

Sample essays to model (NOT “plagiarize”) so you can write an essay so compelling that admissions officers will (practically) crawl naked over broken glass to admit your student!  Value: $97.  Coaching members:  Essay editing included for Common App + up to five supps.

Bonus 9  - Certificate For Review Of Either

  1. Your FAFSA, so Andy can catch any glaring errors or overlooked "loopholes" BEFORE you file;  OR
  2. Your letter of appeal, so Andy can "punch up" your negotiation strategy or wording so you can mount your best case possible why you deserve more moolah!

Value: $450

Bonus 10  - Majors & Careers Assessment (coaching members only)

“Birkman” assessment and one hour consultation with our majors and career counselor to match student “wiring” with lucrative and fulfilling majors and careers..and a strategic game plan for choosing colleges - Value:  $895

Bonus 11 - College Success For Less Bootcamp

Ticket to one of our college application bootcamps held over the summer (a/k/a "Your kid: our problem!" :)  Small class WORKING instruction on the essays, applications, activity sheet.  For kids who want to roll up their sleeves and “get ‘er done.”  (Also for parents who don’t want to scream at their kids all summer).  Value:  $1,997

Total Value Of All These Amazing Bonuses: $6,973

Choose that option that makes the most sense for you

College Success For Less Toolkit



30+ Hours of Video Content

Access to College Guru Software

Monthly client-only Q&A workshops to get your personal questions answered

"Fast Start" Implementation Meeting

UNADVERTISED BONUS - One (1) Essay Review & Critique


College Success For Less Coaching



All Toolkit Benefits

FAFSA & CSS Profile, other financial aid forms prep

Majors & Career Assessment, Consultation & Reports

Common Application Essay + Up To Five (5) Supplemental Essays Brainstorming, Edits

Up To 20 One-On-One College Accountability Meetings


College Success For Less Coaching "One-Pay"



All Toolkit Benefits

FAFSA & CSS Profile, other financial aid forms prep

Majors & Career Assessment, Consultation & Reports

Common Application Essay + Up To Five (5) Supplemental Essays Brainstorming, Edits

Up To 20 One-On-One College Accountability Meetings

Biggest Discount


No hassles, no hard feelings DOUBLE guarantee

If you like what you see, but you're a little gun shy, that's perfectly ok and 100% normal. You can rest assured that there is NO RISK to you, because the "College Success For Less Toolkit" is UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED for 30 days. This means that you can take a "test drive" for one month - that's 30 full days - to decide whether or not it's right for you. If, during that period, you feel that the Toolkit is not for you for any reason - even NO reason - simply notify is and we'll promptly refund 100% of your money. You are sole judge and jury, it's entirely up to you whether or not we've lived up to our promises on this page. WHOA Nelly! There's another, LIFETIME guarantee! If you don't get at least 5X the return on your investment (in terms of financial aid) and you can demonstrate that you implemented the system, e.g. filed the financial aid forms, chose colleges strategically, negotiated, we will give you back every last penny! (Does NOT apply to coaching, which is a personal service.)

Start Your "Test Drive Today!"

Enroll for as little as $349 ($611 for one-on-one coaching) today and claim your "Early Action" and other bonuses today!

Once you enroll you'll receive log-in credentials immediately, to be followed by an email the next day with all the details about our first live training class!

See you on the "Other Side!"

- Andy Lockwood

P.S. Questions?  Email [email protected] or call 516-882-5464 and we can chat!



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