Surprising Facts About Athletic Scholarships

Dear Subscriber –
During commercial breaks from Olympic handball matches this weekend, I was looking at a big, glossy lacrosse magazine that my son subscribes to. This issue listed the top college recruits for the year.
Not surprisingly, there was a big contingent from Long Island, full of names I bet a lot of my readers recognize.
I know a handful of them – and, perhaps more interestingly, how much they received in scholarships.
Hear me know and believe me later, you would be amazed – even shocked – at how little money there really IS in athletic scholarships! You may hear rumors about how Johny Bagodonuts got a “full ride” to Big Time University, but the real scholarship amount might be less than $5,000. If you’re a student-athlete family, the sooner you learn this stuff, the better!
I just recorded a “mini-webinar” for student-athletes and their families. In the presentation, I cover:
• The odds of getting an athletic scholarship
• Facts about how much student-athletes get awarded
• Where else to seek out additional funding for college
• How to attract the attention of a college coach
• The biggest mistakes student-athletes and parents commit in the recruiting process
• More!
To get this valuable information visit:
There is no charge as my way of celebrating our medal results in this year’s Summer Olympics! 
Check it out now – and forward to a student-athlete family, booster club member, whomever!
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