Your College Questions, Answered Tomorrow Night!

This time of year we get flat out BOMBARDED with emails, calls, Facebook messages like:

  • Help!  We’ve visited a few colleges but we’re MORE confused than before we left!
  • Where should we start when we have no clue?
  • I feel like everyone I know has been planning for college for 10 years, we’ve done NOTHING!
  • What should I do with my 529?
  • My guidance counselor told me to apply only to state schools because my kid won’t get in anywhere
  • Is the ACT or SAT better?
  • Can I drop 10 pounds by Friday while still eating luscious, creamy deserts until I puke?

OK, fine, nobody’s asking me for diet advice, but I do get a bunch of those other questions almost daily.

So here’s the good news – from the “Everything Will Work Itself Out Department:”  Chill!  It WILL all work out.

But here’s something a litlte more helpful – a brand new, interactive webinar SOLELY for you to get answers to the questions keeping you up at night!

It’s tomorrow night, and anything goes – it’s College Open Mic Night!

Here’s the format:


No slides, no presenation, no costumes!

Just you, your burning questions and us!

This is your chance to get free, after hours coaching, and to learn from the questions and responses from/to other parents in the same shoes as you!  (This alone could be worth the price of admission!)

Kidding about the price part, it’s free.  Relax.

So sign up, bring a few friends (send ’em this invite), and we’ll see you tomorrow night!


-Andy “The Lenny Bruce Of College Planners” Lockwood

P.S.  We’ll be testing out streaming live to our Facebook page with this system…you’ll get the link and all details when you register!  Keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂

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