College Planning Question – How Much Does The College Essay Count?

Hey, you….

You might be a little surprised when you find out exactly how much the essay “counts.”

This short video ‘splains it all.

-Andy “Didn’t Feel Like Coming Up With a Nickname Today” Lockwood

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Example: I interviewed Sarah Idzik, who served for five years as an admissions officer for UChicago.  Guess how many essays she reviewed each year?



Gues again – about 5,000 PER YEAR!

She read about 1,000 applications each year, but each application contained five essays. Some short, some long.

My point:  Sarah decided whether to admit or deny 1,000 applicants each year for five years!

How many decisions like that has your English teacher made?

For that matter, have you ever READ something written by your English teacher, or guidance counselor?

Of course you haven’t.

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