College Planning Q&A “Open Mic Night”

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This was a fun event – we went on our Facebook page and spent an hour answering questions, many of which were pre-submitted, but a ton came in on the fly.


There was zero presentation, script, slides or costumes – just me, your questions and a microphone (OK, and a laptop, Facebook feed, and Pearl helping out with chat in the other room.)


Some of the questions we chatted about included:

  • Is it OK to do only two years of language in high school?
  • How do you afford to send your kid to an elite, expensive college instead of crushing his dreams?
  • Will the University Of Michigan negotiate merit scholarship awards?
  • Do I need to push my child harder in sports?
  • What are the chances you’ll get the same merit scholarship you received for Freshman year every year thereafter?
  • How do we choose which college to attend – we have offers from four amazing colleges
  • How important to admissions officers are:  Weighted GPA vs unweighted GPA, SAT and ACT scores and extracurricular activities (clubs, sports, community service)?


And a LOT more.


In many cases, my responses were along the lines of, “That’s a good question, but here’s the REAL question you should be asking.”


I hope you enjoy this episode, I’m sure you’ll hear other parents asking the same kinds of questions  – or ACTUAL questions – that you have!


Thanks for listening!


To help out our new show, please provide some feedback – what do you think?  What do you want me to cover in the future, college planning-wise?


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Thanks to everyone who participated!

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