College Planning For Business Owners

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All business owners have several “loopholes’ that can help them qualify for more financial aid, or lower their tax burdens (or both).


In this episode, Andy interviews his personal CPA, Randall Rogg, about topics such as:


  • Sheltering personal assets in a corporation
  • S Corp vs C Corp vs LLC
  • Deducting your home office
  • How to figure out fair market value of rent
  • Use of life insurance and annuities for planning
  • Various retirement plans & techniques
  • Putting kids on payroll
  • More!


Of course none of this interview constitutes ACTUAL advice you should implement.  We’re both adults, so you know that, right? 🙂

But if you’re self-employed and want to speak to either of us about any of the topics discussed, here’s how to get in touch:


Randall Rogg:  (516) 338-6884,


Andy Lockwood:  (516) 882-5464,


Thanks for listening! To help out our new show, please provide some feedback – what do you think?  What do you want me to cover in the future, college planning-wise?


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