College Negotiation "Secrets"


Hello fellow financial aid aficionado

Tonight I’m running a short, but POWERFUL, training class on how to improve a lousy, “low-ball” financial aid and/or scholarship offer.  Details are here


When I say “powerful,” I mean packed with information you can use, immediately, to pry extra cash out of those tightwads in the financial aid office.  (What did you think I meant, advice on how to improve your bench press?)

It’s tonight, but if you are for some unexplained reason otherwise occupied, remain calm:  we’re setting up a replay.  Just register and we’ll email you the link for the recording later.

What are we going to cover?  Great question, thanks (see, I can do this all by myself)!

  • How to shamelessly and mercilessly “play” one college off against another to bring them to their knees and fork over the lettuce you need for college

  • “Special circumstances” that the financial aid office will consider

  • Arguments to the financial aid office that only produce laughter behind your back instead of results that will actually help you

  • How do you actually ask for more?  Email?  Phone?  In person?  Carrier pigeon?

  • Does begging work?  Crying?  Screaming? Shouting?  YES!  If you’re running for president. (Man, I’m cracking myself up – admit it, that was funny!  But I’ll answer this question in the context of financial aid, not politics.)

  • How to explain to them, “Yes, I KNOW we look ‘good’ on paper, but things aren’t as rosy as they seem.”

  • Class of 2017 and beyond:  How to avoid a FAD (financial aid disaster)

  • More!

>>>>>>>>>>>Get all the details here

(By the way please do NOT email us with questions like “When is it?”  I’m providing several links in this email for you to click and see for yourself. They are  written in a special, secret code that you should be able to decipher. Example:  Get all the details here.)

If you can overlook that last cranky comment, please forward this to anyone you know currently getting hosed by the financial aid office or who wants to prevent this from happening in the near future!

See ya!

-Andy “The Negotiator” Lockwood

P.S.  Every year, my clients have one or two huge – “YUGE”  – successes that blow my mind. Last year I had a client get an extra $25K from NYU, the year before, a client received a revised offer from Yale  that was practically $40K more than their initial award.  I’ll run you through a few cases like these, so you can see exactly how we managed to pull off these minor miracles.