College Financial Aid & Admissions “Secrets” Workshops this month

March Workshop Schedule

I’m hitting the ol’ library/PTA speaking circuit this week – appearing in Long Island’s most glamorous locations of course – to speak, live, and for FREE, about college financial aid, scholarships and admissions “dirty little secrets”

If you’re in the greater Smithtown, Dix Hills or Greenlawn areas, I’d love to meet you, shake your hand, take a selfie with you, whatever as we take a brief, occasionally entertaining, tour of all things college admissions and financial aid!

Especially if…

If you believe that there’s NO WAY you can possibly qualify for any type of financial aid…

…Or you”re afraid that your kid can’t into a decent college because he’s not a MENSA member and he didn’t cure a deadly disease or single-handedly construct a village in a Third World country over the summer…

Then you owe it to yourself to attend one of our free “College Planning Secrets” workshops this month, in your neighborhood.


At your workshop, you will discover:

>>Strange facts why an high “sticker price” private college can actually less out of pocket than a so-called “cheaper” state university

>>The 529 College Savings Plan: “Friend” or “Foe?”

>>How to negotiate an extra $30,022 – per year – out of a college after it’s “final” offer…even without compromising photos or recorded wiretapping of the dean

>>The inconvenient and non-politically-correct truth about what admissions officers at elite colleges want in candidate (Hint: it’s not only impossibly high GPAs and perfect scores)

>>Why yesterday’s “Safeties” are today’s “Impossible Dream Reaches” and what your kid can do to multiply odds of admission

>>Which extra-curricular activities “sell,” which are “meh”

>>WATCH OUT: Did your accountant or “financial guy” advise you where to save for college? He may have SABOTAGED your eligibility (but you might be able to undo this terrible advice at the 11th hour)

>>The new “look back” period on the FAFSA financial aid form

>>BUSINESS OWNERS: Special “loopholes” and deadly “landmines”


Here’s where to register, space is limited

The event lasts approximately 90 minutes, some of it is actually entertaining and humorous (no small feat, given the dry material).

Each attendee will receive a copy of my recently updated best seller, “How To Pay ‘Wholesale’ For College” (also occasionally entertaining and humorous, at least to moi).

The workshop is open to any parent of a college-bound teen, but the speaker is opinionated, blunt and not always politically correct (with hate mail to prove it).

Easily offended parents should NOT attend.

Register now and please share with as many other stressed, confused parents of college-bound teens you know! They’re welcome to attend as long as we have room!


Hope to see you this month!

Andy “Hardest Workshopping Man In College Planning” Lockwood

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