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How to read your admissions officer's mind

Tonight you can sharpen your psychic powers and learn EXACTLY what admissions officers from top colleges think about your college essay, behind closed doors!

Tonight, July 20th, 7:30pm ET, We’re hosting a completely candid, no-holds barred round table discussion with two former admissions officers from an elite (7.6% admit rate this year), private midwestern college on The College Success For Less Show.

They’ve read thousands of college essays in the aggregate, now they’re willing to pull back the curtain, spill the beans (or whatever goofy metaphor suits you) and reveal the truth about the college essay that you’ll never hear from your English teacher, guidance counselor or read in any book!

You can watch here, there is no charge:

You will have an almost unfair advantage over other applicants after tonight’s training.  But the best part is that we’ll be chatting live, so you can ask your specific questions to our expert panel!

First up is a prompt-by-prompt dissection of the five Common Application Essay choices, so you can discover – directly – from our “insiders” what they’re looking for in each of the prompts…

….and craft an essay so compelling that YOUR admissions officers will crawl naked over broken glass to admit you (practically)!

(That was a figure of speech, there will not be any adult content on tonight’s show. 🙂

Equally important, you’ll realize what they absolutely HATE seeing in an essay, so you can avoid making critical mistakes that can blow your chances of admission to your top choice colleges!

Listen, I’ll cut to the chase – the college essay is your last and best shot to explain something critically important on your college application.

It’s an answer to a fundamental question…

…except, strangely, this make or break question appears NOWHERE on your application.

Failure to answer it dooms your candidacy from the get-go.

What is the “secret” question your admissions officer wants you to resolve?

“Why should we chose YOU, compared to the other 5,000 competitor-applicants with the same grades and standardized test scores?!”

Tonight is your unique opportunity to learn the truth, directly from the source.

Please pass this invitation along to anyone who could benefit from this info!

Hope you can tune in tonight!

-Andy Lockwood

P.S.  Several folks have asked about a replay.  I’m going to ask our celebrity guests if they’re cool with it – but they are still friends with many of their admissions officer colleagues and may not want this insider information out there on the Interwebz.   Currently, nothing is planned, so I can’t promise anything, unfortunately.