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Step 1:  watch our "Case Studies" webinar walking you through our unusual "backwards" approach to success in college...and in post-college life (a/k/a College Return on Investment")

If you are interested in discussing whether you'd be a good fit for our college advising, financial aid consulting and/or tutoring programs, click the green button, complete the short application and schedule a time to chat with us!

How to "10X" Odds of Admission to Your Dream College - and Slash College Costs by 52.4% Or More - Even if You Think "Families Like Us NEVER Qualify for Anything!"

Each year, our clients get into Ivy League, "Ivy Plus"  and other competitive colleges... well as Community Colleges, large Land Grant universities and everything in between.

The funny thing is that we don't really give a rat's patootie where any of our students go to college...

We only want to help each and every client become as successful as humanly possible - however they define success - in college and in LIFE.

So many parents are led to believe that success in college comes down to a bunch of essays, paperwork and forms, but the truth is that achieving spectacular, meaningful results requires a comprehensive strategy to present your child to the world in a way that opens the door to opportunities off limits to most.

Our college advisory services are not "one size fits all," our approach is a "perfect size for you" unique program.

Our programs are detailed and comprehensive. Depending on your child's specific situation and the amount of time we have available to work with him or her, the specific strategies and actions we recommend for your version of the program will change.  

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We help with:

  • College advising (advice to optimize chances of getting into your "Dream School" starting as early as 9th grade)
  • Paying for college (FAFSA and other forms prep, advice to improve eligibility for grants and scholarships). Note:  we are NOT financial advisors - we do not sell investment products.
  • Tutoring/Test prep classes (ACT & SAT)
  • Career and Majors Advice (to get something out of college MORE than what you put in.  Imagine that!)



Our financial aid consulting and financial aid forms preparation services are typically around $1,700.   Our college advising services start at $5,000 and can be more than $20,000 (99% of families are in the middle somewhere).

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I'm looking forward to meeting and helping you create a winning College Game Plan to "launch" your kiddo to success in college -and in life.



Andy Lockwood

Founder, Lockwood College Prep