Let’s start with the bad news.

After a few hours of back and forth, we cancelled tonight’s workshop out in Smithtown.

I felt badly because more than 70 folks were signed up, but, even though the library was actually open, the writing was on the wall.

(Actually, the writing was in the stacks, in the books, but I digress…)

But here’s the good news…

With my newfound free time, I decided to hold an impomptu live presentation on our Facebook page tonight at 6:45pm EST!

…Assuming our internet is behaving 🙂

Here’s where to go tonight, if you’re interested in learning:

  • The 529 College Savings Account And Why They’re Not All They Were Cracked Up To Be (and what to do about it if you have one)
  • The Truth About What It Takes To Get Into A Top College (Hint:  It’s not politically-correct, and it’s based on waaaaaay more than grades and scores)
  • How To Negotiate A Better Deal With A College Even If You Couldn’t Get Your Hands On Any Compromising Photos Of The Dean
  • The Screwball Reason An Expensive Private College Can Actually Cost Less Than An El Cheapo State School
  • The Biggest Mistake Families Make In College Admissions And Financial Aid (and how to avoid it)
  • Sh-t Your Guidance Counselor Says That Can Flat Out Sabotage Your Chances Of Admission To Your “Dream School”
  • 4.5 “Loopholes,” Any One Of Which Could TRIPLE Your Eligibility For Aid
  • Special Advice/Strategies For Business Owners
  • More, including your questions!  (We’re live!)

So grab your hot chocolate or perhaps something stronger (the latter being what Pearl’s doing with her little friends, as I write this) and head on over to our page now, while you’re thinking about it.

If you like the page now, you’ll be notified by Zuck and the good folks at Facebook when we go live!

Hope to see you on The Facebook tonight!

-Andy “Snowbound” Lockwood


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