How to Avoid Getting Spooked By The High Cost of College

The thought of paying “sticker price” for college is more horrifying than the latest Annabel movie, a visit to your local haunted house or being a Jets fan…

…but local, undead college planner Count Andrew Von Lockwuud has a solution.

This Thursday, October 30th (eve of Hallow’s Eve) at the Sea Cliff Public Tomb and Library he will show all unsuspecting parents and Children Of The Night how to drive a stake through the cold heart of your college tuition bill.

No-one will be harmed.

Topics include:

* How to SLASH college costs by 45% even if you earn six figures

* How to BLEED another $30,022 out of the trolls in the financial aid office AFTER their “final” offer

* The criminally INSANE problem caused by advice from your accountant, guidance counselor or financial advisor, when you learn why it could drive you BATTY!

* More!


Please pass along this email to any other victims, um, parents/friends/clients who could use this info!

Your Correspondent,

Count Von Lockwuud

P.S. Here’s the registration link to the workshop. It’s not a trap! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!