How To Avoid Going To College And Learning Nothing

Importance of Choosing the Right Course in College
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In this episode I talk/rant about the sleeping elephant in the room:

Going to college and learning NOTHING that an employer wants or values.

The big picture here is that there’s a major problemo:

  • Student debt is at all-time high (and seems to increase each time stats are released)
  • 80% of kids change majors
  • If you change majors once, twice or more you could end up taking an extra year to graduate, which costs an extra $30-70K…not to mention the opportunity cost of not earning a salary because you’re stuck in college an extra year
  • 93% of employers polled say that kids are UNprepared for the workforce

In this episode I analyze a discussion I had with a client (many clients actually) about whether it’s worth it to ‘pay up’ for a certain college versus attending a cheaper school.

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