Attention: Class of 2014

College Success Bulletin

I want you to look over my shoulder at an email I sent to my clients last week.

Here’s a quickie list of “to-do’s” for Class of 2014 kids, as we finish up the academic year.

  • Testing:  AP and SAT II (and SAT/ACT).  Duh. If you haven’t yet registered to take any of these, do so immediately (see the testing coordinator at your high school for details)
  • Take a look at summer classes in an academic or career area that you’re interested in.  It looks great on a college resume, but hopefully it’s enjoyable for your student.  (Online courses from colleges are also an option.)
  • Line up an internship/shadowing experience, preferably in a field related to what you’re thinking about studying.  Not only looks great on the old resume, but also could be a eye-opening experience.
  • Resume:  if you haven’t yet done one, do it
  • Teacher recommendations.  Think about who you’ll ask. The earlier you ask them, the better – it shows courtesy, since you’re lining them up before they get slammed by all the other requests.
  • Athletes:  if you are contemplating playing in college, see your guidance counselor about registering for the NCAA Clearinghouse.  Be proactive and reach out to college coaches too – you recruit them, not just the other way around!  That means following up with OFF-LINE communications, not just online, in addition to camps, videos, etc.

Everyone:  good luck on your Regents, finals, APs, SAT IIs and all the other crap you have to deal with!

That’s it for now – over and out!

– Andy

P.S.  Get a jump on your college planning.  If you’re the parent of a Class of 2014 student, but you’ve been putting off your college planning for weeks, months, years, I’ve created a resource for you.

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