Applying for Financial Aid: Does it Hurt Chances of Admission?

Today:  One college financial aid and admissions question, two separate clients.

One hailed from Queens County, NY, the other: Serbia. (I know, we have the most random business 🙂

The issue on the table:  does applying for financial aid hurt chances of admission?

Specifically, should I check the “yes” box on the Common Application?

I discussed this on my Facebook page, which I used to “tease” the free webinar that Pearl and I are doing tomorrow (Wednesday) night, live and unscripted (so anything goes!).

The deal-ee-o is that, after you sign up for the webinar, you’ll be asked to complete an exhaustive, and exhausting questionnaire…

Just kidding – it’s a one question survey that simply asks for your ‘burning question” that you want answered.

If you get your question to me immediately (not later than 90 minutes prior to the webinar) I promise to do my best to answer it on the air!

Some of the questions that have rolled in already include:

Scholarships – where to look for them?  -Debbie

How does visiting a college hurt or help your chances of getting into a college?  – Audrey

I have a 10th grader who is working at 50% of his capacity. How to motivate him?  -Simi

Solve this mystery  – wy do some families qualify for financial aid (2 incomes) while others do not (single mom)?  – Elizabeth

If I won’t qualify for financial aid, do I need to fill out the FAFSA?  – Kristin

This event is one night only, and happens tomorrow.  Here’s where to sign up:


Share this with a parent or five going through the same mess, pretty please and thank you 🙂

You  – and they – will be much less stressed after you get your questions answered, and I promise it will be worth your time to hear what OTHER parents are asking!

See you tomorrow night!

-Andy “Riddle Me This” Lockwood

P.S.  I have half a mind to transcribe and edit this webinar, and turn it into a book of college questions.  (Tentative title, “FAQ Us – Frequently Asked Questions about College Admissions and Financial Aid.)

What do you think, would you want to read something like that?  Shoot me an email if yes

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