Angry Parent Responds To My “Dumb Guidance Counselor” Email

This week, I’ve caught some heat from guidance counselors, a principal and a college professor for my strongly worded “Dumb Guidance Counselor” email.

But then I heard from a slew of parents.  Here’s a text, from one particular mom who was not happy.  I’m sharing it because I believe she speaks for many parents:

Good morning!

Loved your email.  I wish you could have published it in the newspaper.

We are frustrated with guidance counselors in Livingston. Daniel had a new one every year of high school, and Ryan is on his 3rd one since freshman year.

Most not all but most are just looking at this role as a job, not a career.  They have other commitments and can’t handle the stress of college guidance and whatever workshops the school makes them attend after hours (which in Livingston are 2 times a year.)

I share your thoughts exactly!!!  

I think more parents need to hear your advice and realize that the school only plays a small role in raising bright kids, it’s the parents and community that does it all, and some luck. 🙂

I am so happy that we hired you and Pearl to help us navigate this process twice and have 3 more kids to go with Lockwood Prep!

We could have easily taken the same lessons and guidance that you gave Daniel, but instead, since no two kids are alike, we wanted to spend valuable time and save money to hire you guys again.

It has saved my husband and I lots of money in marriage therapy and kid therapy!

The service you provide is essential to parenting high school teens.  We are beyond thrilled to have you guys as mentors!

-Hilit Gavi, Livingston NJ

Hilit’s second son Ryan will be attending our college applications and essays bootcamp this weekend, where we will help kids multiply their chances of admission to their top choice colleges.

This isn’t a three-day lecture by any stretch.   It’s a three-day WORKING bootcamp where kids will get their apps and essays DONE.

We released four more seats because I brought in reinforcements – a Lockwood Bootcamp alumnus from last summer, who ran the table by getting into every Ivy and similar college he applied to.  He’s headed to Stanford in a month but I persuaded him to help me out for a couple of days, working alongside me to make sure our kids get their sh-t together!

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Andy “Your Kid = OUR Project, Now” Lockwood

P.S. I’m being goofy with that self-bestowed nickname, but it is accurate.  You won’t have to yell at or threaten your kid to get his essays and applications done or stress out.  We will whip their apps and essays into shape in three days so that they resonate with admissions officers from the most competitive colleges in the land.  Common App essay, supplemental essays, “Activities” section, more.

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