Let's Chat About Your College Plan...Even if you don't have one 🙂

If you are serious about investing in college advising, let's chat - as long as you're not wearing a wire!

Kidding, wear anything you want.  We do things a little differently than Mr. Singer...and 99% of other college advisors, incidentally.

Candidly, our approach is not right for everyone.  Many of our students get into uber-competitive, "Rear Window Sticker" colleges each year...

...as well as community colleges, state schools and everything in between.

This may sound odd, but it's important that you know:

We don't care what school any of our clients go to

Instead, our focus is on helping kids - and families - succeed not only at getting into college, but more importantly, after college...

...AND in ANY way they define success.

Hahhhhhhahd ain't right for everybody, you know what I'm sayin'?

Also, we do NOT give the same advice as high school guidance counselors  (i.e. recommend the same 25 colleges over and over) and do not work well with unmotivated, entitled kids. 

And, we are a small shop, therefore our capacity is EXTREMELY limited and subject to "black outs" each Spring when we stop taking on new clients.

If you genuinely think we could be a good fit, I'd love to get on the phone and talk about our approach to college advising, and, more importantly, if you'd be a good fit! 

Here's how we tackle the college process:

  • Plan:  This means "Backwards Planning."  We focus first on each child's wiring, and what that translates into in terms of places in the world where he or she will love what they do, AND be able to make a living (and get off mom and dad's "Full Ride")
  • Path:  We "back into" a set of colleges reputable across a smaller list o four-five majors and careers, and that are suitable for other, more traditional college advising reasons (small, medium, large, East Coast vs West Coast, do you like the hoodie and mascot, etc.)
  • Position:  We reverse engineer exactly what resonates with admissions officers in terms of academic and non-academic considerations, and, ultimately, the "Closing Argument" made via applications and essays, which will be PERFECT 
  • Produce:  Optimizing the amount of scholarships and grants for each family, preparing the taking over the entire financial aid application process, negotiating with colleges, assisting with loan paperwork if necessary, etc.

One small ($5,000) annual scholarship that we help you obtain more than pays the investment in our program...

...and, multiple awards of $10,000, $20,000 or more put you deep in the black.  One client, Gerry Chiariello, Esq. of Glen Cove, and his daughter received more than $1,000,000 in scholarships, all in!

Program fees range from $1,700 to more than $15,000, with 99% of families being in the middle somewhere.  

If this feels right to you, apply for college advising today, there's no obligation.  If we don't think you'd be a good fit, we'll tell you before any money changes hands (this happens each and every week). 

Click the button to get started.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Where do our clients go to college (and does it really matter)?

Each year, our team of former admissions officers helps our private advisory clients get into Ivy League and other competitive colleges...

...as well as Community Colleges, large Land Grant universities and everything in between.

Confession:  I said it before and I'll say it again:  I don't give a rat's patootie where any of our kids go to college!

Unlike a guidance counselor, private high school advisor or my fellow college consultants, I have no agenda other than helping every client be as successful as humanly possible, however that client defines success.

college logos

The Ivies. Pretty flags and rear window stickers, but alas, NOT right for everyone.