ACT and SAT Questions Answered Tonight

Which test is best for my kid and her colleges, ACT or SAT?

Which test is easier to improve on?

How many times should my child take it?

Are some test dates easier than others?

Do you have to report all scores to your colleges?

What if your kid is a bad test taker?

Are companies like Princeton Review, Kaplan, Huntington etc. helpful?

Do any of these questions sound familiar?  Got any other questions about the ACT, SAT, SAT subject tests?

If yes, you’re in luck!

Stop by tonight’s “Ask The Test Prep Expert” Q&A webinar, live, on the interwebz!

Here’s where to register and get the link to join:


Please pass this invite along to anyone with 10th or 11th grade kids who doesn’t know where to start, this is a terrific opportunity to get candid, freewheeling answers about this part of the crazy college process!

All details are listed on the sign up page.

No promises, but I’m attempting to record and post this session on our Facebook page and podcast.  But if you want your questions answered, I’d recommend you drop everything (you can record Jeopardy) and bend over backwards to make it tonight, live, on your laptop, tablet, phone or whatever else you use for digital amusement. 🙂

See you later,

-Andy “Test Prep Talk Show Host” Lockwood

P.S. Please share/forward this with parents who need this info.  The registration page is right here:


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