Free ACT/SAT Diagnostic This Saturday

It’s funny – and a little sad – to me how many kids decide on the SAT or ACT for the wrong reasons.

She’s bad at science, so she’s taking the SAT. (The “Science” section is actually glorified reading, lots of charts and graphs.)

I heard the ACT is easier. (It’s not.  But neither is the SAT.)

Colleges want the SAT.  (Every college accepts both ACT and SAT.)

Ryan (or name of other friend or relative) took the SAT.  She said it was much easier than the ACT. (It may have been easier for HER, not you.)

Here’s the bottom line:  your young ‘un should take whichever test he or she can score the highest on.  But you cannot possibly know “Which Test Is Best” until you experience both.  Don’t rely on other parents or guidance counselor’s opinions or what you read online.

This is NOT the time to guess.

If you decide arbitrarily, the problem is that, after you invest hours and untold dollars into prepping for the wrong exam – for YOU – you could be self-sabotaging your chances of getting into your “Dream School” and giving up thousands in scholarships you’d be otherwise eligible for.

This Saturday morning, we’re offering a free diagnostic, which Marissa (our tutor) assembled out of old, used parts of past ACTs and SATs.  It’s a great way to figure out Which Test Is Best, under timed, proctored conditions (i.e. away from Snapchat and other attention-seeking inventions).

We have room for 10 kids, max. Here’s where to enroll:

-Andy “Not Stanley Kaplan” Lockwood

P.S.  This is an experiment to see who is interested, we may not offer it again.

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