ACT Miracles Last Week

Marissa the Miracle Worker
ACT scores came out last week and, the way it happens every cycle, I heard about amazing, unpredictable score increases by Marissa’s clients.
Nothing makes us smile more than when stressed out, hard working kids achieve results that exceed even our expectations!
Student one’s story was a bona fide game changer. Mary is a student-athlete being recruited by several tough academic schools. I won’t embarrass her too much with details, even though her dad gave me permission. 🙂
Mary’s old score was around a 26, which wasn’t good enough for her colleges. I must say that she was extremely diligent, having worked with another test prep company for a long time, and having taken the ACT a bunch of times. But she couldn’t improve, no matter how hard she worked.
Then, the summer before Senior year, out of desperation, her dad switched to us, after he was referred by another client. Mary started improving on her practice tests over the summer, which was promising. But, when she took her third, real ACT, her score didn’t budge.
Marissa suspected that Mary’s issue was probably related to test anxiety, which surprised her a little, because her experience was that most student-athletes are conditioned to deal with “Game Day” pressure than other kids.
Based on this working hypothesis, Marissa tweaked her approach to help Mary take her final, “Hail Mary” September ACT. The result:
She pulled a 32!
Here’s the text her dad sent:
She came in at 2 AM shouting, she was so elated!
Now her dreams of competing at her Dream School are no longer far-fetched, they are a reality. Congrats Mary – you earned it!
Story No 2:
Also this week, Marissa heard from another student, Katie, who started with a 30 on her ACT before enrolling with us.
Actually, we heard from her mom. I’ll let her email speak for itself:
You are a miracle worker! Katie finally got her act score just now and earned a 34 on the test! Perfect score on Reading and a 33 on all other areas. We can’t benefit from super scoring because she only went down in English 2 points from last time, but we are definitely not complaining. I can’t believe she went up a point every time we made a trip to see you. Thanks for all of your effort on her behalf and for setting her at ease. We so appreciate it!
Dawn Crawford
If you want a shot at huge, game-changing results like this, our ACT Crusher class starts next week – use the coupon code “SEPT100” through the weekend to get $100 off. Marissa teaches this course personally.
If you are wondering about hiring Marissa for 1-on-1 tutoring, our tutoring packages are listed here. But I should warn you – her time is extremely limited, mostly because she receives a flurry of referrals every time her clients achieve these kind of results. If the links don’t work that means she booked up.
Have a great weekend,
P.S. I’ll give you the same advice I give my own kids – don’t put off your test prep. If you’re in 11th grade, find the time. You may think you’re too busy now, but your schedule will only get busier. If you get a chance to work with Marissa, you should grab it.

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