About "The Team"

There’s no way that your wonderful workshops can ever capture what you really do, and sadly, in today’s world, what you promote that you do is almost too good to be true.
– Beth Freeman, Scottsdale AZ
Pearl and Andy Lockwood Owners/Founders Lockwood College Consulting 

Pearl & Andy LockwoodPearl Chizner Lockwood handles financial aid forms and loan paperwork for the firm, and otherwise does all the real work around here.  She is a former Assistant District Attorney in Queens County and an alumna of Cornell University and St. John’s Law.

Andy Lockwood is the Number 1 Best Selling author of How to Pay “Wholesale” for College and The Incomparable Applicant,  and an outspoken and controversial critic of runaway college costs and the institutions that perpetuate them.  He focuses on coaching students and identifying admissions and financial aid strategies for business owners, divorced parents, student athletes and all sorts of families.  He received his BA at Wesleyan University  – where he was on (not “played for”) the basketball team – and St. John’s Law School, where he met Pearl on the very first day (she’ll tell you all about it, just make sure Andy is out of earshot).

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Peal and Andy conduct numerous workshops on the “Dirty Little Secrets” of college finance at high schools, colleges, libraries, corporations and community centers.  Andy has served as an instructor for CPA’s and other financial industry professionals, and as a mentor to other college planners about how to improve their practices.  He is highly sought after as a speaker for forward-thinking community groups, such as Booster Clubs, PTA and/PTAs, accounting and financial advisor firms, libraries other non-profit organizations.

Pearl and Andy host the College Success for Less Podcast on iTunes and other podcast outlets, and offer webinars frequently, including their famous annual “Predictions” webcast, above, and other themed events such as their “Find Your Financial Aid Pot O’ Gold” St Patrick’s Day webcast.

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How Did Pearl and Andy get into this business?

After an unexceptional five-year stint as a corporate law associate in New York City and in-house counsel to a publicly traded broker-dealer in Miami, Andy became a college planner.  He chose this career because he personally amassed more than $100,000 in student debt between his undergraduate studies at Wesleyan University  – law school education at St. John’s University School of Law.

Sometime around 2009, he realized how bad he was at doing financial aid forms and how much he hated them, so he talked Pearl into working with him for free.

Now, Pearl and Andy have sworn a blood oath that they will never allow their four children to experience the humiliating credit problems, stress and other hardship he endured.

Yes, FOUR.

Each of the above “horribles” could have been avoided if Andy’s parents had an “Andy Lockwood” to consult.  Andy insists that he would have done things 100% differently -if he knew then what he now knows.

Today’s families face a more challenging environment:  student debt officially passed credit cards as the number one source of consumer debt, weighing in at a whopping 1 Trillion dollars.  That, combined with one of the worst job markets for college graduates in history, has helped create the perfect storm – arguably the toughest environment for college grads EVER.

To learn how you can beat the overpriced, rip-off colleges at their own game, and how you can multiply your chances of getting admitted to, and funded by America’s top colleges, attend one of Andy’s upcoming lectures on college finance’s “Secrets:”


Pearl and Andy’s college planning advice has benefited more than 5,378 people, helping them to minimize reliance on high fee, high rate student debt and leveling the playing field so that parents, armed with the knowledge of how financial aid really works, can avoid needlessly overpaying for college – even if they own a home or earn a six-figure income.

Clients include families earning six-figure incomes, even seven-figure, attorneys, accountants, public school teachers and administrators, business owners, divorced and separated families and others from many different walks of life.  Andy does not offer his services to a prospective client unless he is convinced that he can help them achieve their goals.  He estimates that he turns away approximately 33% of the families who seek him out.

When Pearl and Andy are not working, most of their time is spent with his family and participating in community activities.  Pearl logs three hours per day driving their kids around various and sundry activities.

The Team

Idzik Sarah book cover croppedSarah Idzik

Sarah Idzik served as an admissions officer at UChicago for five years.  She read approximately 1,000 applications per year. Sarah helps our clients brainstorm, edit and polish their college essays so that they put their best feet forward to the admissions officers at each of their colleges.

mark kubaczyk

Mark Kubaczyk

Mark Kubaczyk served as an admissions officer at U Chicago for three years where he evaluated approximately 1,000 applications per year.  He helps our clients brainstorm, edit and polish their college essays so that they put their best feet forward to the admissions officers at each of their colleges.

Jim Sosinskisosinski CPA

Jim Sosinski specializes in helping small business owners use college funding tools that are available only to them to free up funding for college.  A tax-advantaged college plan can help self-employed families fund college education for their children in a way that reduces their overall income taxes, particularly if they cannot qualify for need-based financial aid.

In other words, every dollar saved on taxes is a dollar in the business owner’s pocket that can be put towards future college costs!

Jim is a Certified Public Accountant with an accounting degree from Rutgers University, and a diverse professional background that includes public accounting, small business consulting, tax preparation and planning. He also has near-perfect recall of every line of every movie he’s ever watched.

His  “Tax Scholarship” analysis shows clients how to shift income from the parents to the student within IRS constraints and within the student’s Tax Capacity. Im has partnered with Lockwood College Consulting to offer this service to their clients.


Lisa Mader, Career and College Counseling Expert

Lisa Mader is the founder and CEO of LEAP (Learning Enrichment & Assistance Program), a career and college counselor and an Advanced Birkman Consultant. Lisa and her firm have partnered with Lockwood College Consulting to help students get into the best fitting colleges and choosing a major and career that will be rewarding and lucrative.

Lisa taught for eight years at the junior high and high school levels and holds a bachelor’s degree in education and her master’s in educational administration.  She is a member of the National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC) and the Ohio Association of College Admissions Counselors.

A highly sought-after presenter at corporations such as Proctor & Gamble, as well as numerous parent, high school and educational industry groups, Lisa is also an expert on topics ranging from ACT-SAT Prep Essentials, How to Become What Colleges Want and Choosing a College Major that Sticks, among other topics.

Lisa actively pursues life in Greater Cincinnati with her three children.


Team members are not employees or owners of Lockwood College Consulting Inc., they are independent contractors. There is no supervision or control by either Lockwood College Consulting or any team member on this page.  Neither Lockwood College Consulting nor any of the team members on this page is responsible or liable in any way for the other’s misstatements, advice, actions or anything with legal implications.

Thank you so much for your support and guidance and expert advise during this collegiate process.
Peter Strugatz
Carrie Clark
Easthampton, New York
Thank you again for your time. You were most helpful. I do appreciate your honesty and I know that it is the reason that you will always continue to be successful.
College stuff isn’t always easy but in the short time that we talked you made me feel much more comfortable with the whole process. Thanks again.
Randi Scheingold
Dix Hills, New York
I saw Andy’s ad..I was impressed with his knowledge of the whole financial aid process and very happy with the service he provides.
Initially, I thought I was just going to get financial aid advice but Andy helped us with a lot more than that. He spoke about camps Alexis should attend to showcase her talents, the sports resume to send out to colleges, sports dvd, the essays she should be writing, internships and just so many other little details that I just didn’t think about. His rolodex is filled with the right connections that Lexi needed for the college process. He helped us market our daughter.
I think it would be worth your time to meet with Andy.
Thank you,
Karen Greene
Glen Head, New York