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Special offer because you requested our free report, How to "Hide" Your Money from the Financial Aid Office...

Discover How To Slash College Costs By 52.4% or More...Even If You Earn A Six-Figure Income Or Think, "No way do families like us qualify for anything!"

Exposed! How to quickly and easily exploit overlooked, legal "loopholes" that the high-priced, rip-off colleges hope and pray you never learn...and navigate clear of dangerous, costly landmines that will rob you of the financial aid you need - and deserve

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Dear fellow parent,

Ever wonder how some families - who own homes, drive nice cars and show other trappings of a comfortable life - somehow manage to qualify for college scholarships of $10,000, $15,000, even $25,000 or more...

...even though their kid(s) aren't valedictorians and didn't cure a deadly disease last summer?

What do they know that you don't?

The occurrence of seemingly undeserving families receiving generous scholarships actually isn't rare or unusual, at least in my corner of the universe.

Quite the opposite.  Any family, even those who earn six or even seven-figures, can qualify for tens of thousands in free grants and scholarships...

...if they know where to look and how to "game" the system (legally and ethically, of course!) 🙂

[No thanks, I'll take a pass on the rest of this info.  Take me to the free report,

How to "Hide" Your Money From The Financial Aid Office]


If you're rolling your eyes and getting ready to go check your Facebook feed for the 18th time, hang on - the cat videos can wait! 

Give me three minutes to share some amazing, little-known facts about who really gets money from colleges - - I promise it's worth your time.


  • The average private college tuition discount, nationally, is a whopping 52.4% (Source:  The National Association of Collegiate Business Officers, 2019)
  • At any given college, approximately 25% of families pay Full Boat, subsidizing the other 75%. Which group would you rather be in? (Don't answer - that was a rhetorical question)
  • Most scholarship and need-based aid goes to families in the top 25% of income - NOT to low income families.

I know these facts may not jibe with what you believed, or heard from other parents or your guidance counselor.

Heck, these facts aren't even politically-correct!

But they're not 'Fake News," they happen to be 100% true.

Let me nutshell it:

There is no law that says "YOU Must Pay Full Price For College!"

At least not yet, anyway. 🙂

So what's the closely-guarded secret that other families use to get their hands on fat, juicy scholarships and grants?  

I'll give you the answer in a minute.  But first, understand that...

It's Not Your Fault

financial aid delivery system

Let me ask you a question, do you ever find yourself thinking, It wasn't like this when I was applying to college!

I know I do.  The world is topsy-turvy compared to when we applied.

Yesterday's "Safeties" are today's "Reaches," and college costs are up more than 1,000% compared the 1990's!

The whole admissions and financial aid system is a mess.  There are 1,100 plus pages of regulations behind the "simple" form, the FAFSA (that thing that looks like a bureaucrat tossed his cookies, above).

It's such a complicated body of rules and regulations that CPAs, financial advisors and guidance counselors are in NO position to acquire anywhere near the required training to help you.  

Incidentally, I'm refraining from mentioning the CSS Profile, a product of the non-profit College Board (hah!) which makes the FAFSA look like a Dr. Seuss book!

Don't expect help from the colleges, either, they're not on your side.   

Colleges are big businesses, which means that they want to get as much out of your wallet as possible.  So don't look to them to help YOU qualify for more of THEIR money! 

Bottom line:  The odds are stacked against you.  You're pretty much on your own when it comes to figuring out financial aid.

That's why it's not your fault if you have no clue where to start.

It's simple:  you're lacking one very important piece of the puzzle, which I've been teasing you about until now...

The "One Thing" Separates You From Families Who Beat the Rip-Off Colleges At Their Own Game

Although it's only One Thing, it's a biggie.

This One Thing can mean the difference between being able to comfortably afford to send your child to the "Dream College" that she deserves...

...versus having to sit her down, after she's gotten the acceptance letter that she worked her butt off to get, and quietly confide, Sorry, I just can't swing it.

Here's a hint:  it's the same thing that allowed "The Donald" to pay nothing in taxes (allegedly), and Mitt Romney to pay a lower tax rate than Barack Obama, even though Obama earned far less than Ol' Mitt.

That One Thing?

Specialized Knowledge.

Having an expert in your corner, who helps you qualify for tens of thousands of dollars that you could not obtain on your own, can pay off many times over.

Now, thanks to new technology, this specialized knowledge is easily obtainable, at a price that I bet will shock you - in a good way!

The Answer


I'm Andy Lockwood, I'm a college advisor, financial aid and admissions expert, multiple-best selling author and co-host of The College Talk Tuesday Show and The College Planning Edge Podcast. 

My wife Pearl and I have made a career helping "Forgotten Middle Class" families get into - and pay "wholesale" prices for - the best colleges in the country...

...even if they think they can't possibly qualify for any assistance, or feel overwhelmed, confused and don't have a clue about how the financial aid and scholarship system works. 

It took us years and more than $200,000 of our hard-earned dollars to acquire this specialized knowledge.  And that number doesn't include the six-figures of college debt that I personally racked up between college and law school!

My dad, a disabled, self-employed artist, wasn't concerned with money. He always told me "Don't worry about the loans, it will work out." 

Unfortunately, 100K plus of high debt, high fee student loans, credit problems and the ever-present feeling of an anchor around my neck for decades is not what I'd call "worked out."  

I really wish my dad had a "me" to help me back then!

Pearl and I have four kids of our own, and have sworn a blood oath that they'll never go through anything like the disaster I endured.  And we want the same for you and your family, because today's college-bound teens have it much tougher than we did!

Student debt is more than $1.5 Trillion.

Defaults are out of hand.

50% of college grads can't find a job that requires a college degree...

...Two years after graduation!

Now, Pearl and I are doing something about it.  We're excited to share our specialized college cost-cutting tactics and strategies with you to help you and your kids avoid student loan disasters and to get into the life-changing, "Dream Colleges" they deserve to attend.

I won't lie, our private consulting clients pay us unconscionable amounts for literally the same information. 

But they do so naturally, without hesitation, because they receive a return on their investment that exceeds our fees by a multiple -  3x, 5X, sometimes 20X.  (I realize this sounds hypey, but I have 80+ pages of written testimonials to prove it.)

Skeptical?  I'm in business myself, and I look at things the same way. I always ask, What's the pay off?

Obviously, if I could take a dollar and turn it into five, I'd keep doing it until the cows came home.

Wouldn't you? 

The good news is that you won't have to shell out anywhere close to the $3,000-15,000 our private consulting clients customarily fork over.

720 instant-college-funding-web-2

Introducing the Instant College Funding System

The Instant College Funding System is THE ONE resource that can help you get every last dollar you deserve, whether you have a high school senior, junior or younger.

To my knowledge, you cannot get this training from any other ONE, unified source.  It would take you years and a small fortune to cobble together information from books, websites, guidance counselors, accountants, financial advisors, and other parents...

...and even then, you'd be hard-pressed to separate fact from fiction, truth from urban legend!

Plus, the financial aid rules changed last year, and they will change again before you realize it!

A decade plus of experience, packaged in a neat, organized bundle

Instant College Funding represents the codification of our 18+ years advising parents of college-bound teens, in one, comprehensive but easy to digest, self-directed course.

The core components of this system are 23+ short, punchy videos walk you through EVERYTHING you need to know in order to qualify for the maximum amount of grants, scholarships and other financial aid...

...So you can comfortably afford to send your child to his Dream College, instead of tossing and turning at night over borrowing up to your eyeballs, robbing your retirement or eating mac 'n cheese every night!

When you say "yes" to your test drive of Instant College Funding, you will discover:

  1. Strategies, Loopholes and Landmines to Multiply Eligibility For Financial Aid

  2. Fun Financial Aid Forms Facts - videos highlighting the ACTUAL places on the financial aid forms where money-losing dangers lurk, and cost-cutting opportunities present themselves

  3. Negotiation Tactics - a comprehensive training on all possible arguments to make to the financial aid office after they "stiff" you, including case studies that you can model when you roll up your sleeves and attempt to pry some more dough from the cold, bony fingers of the stingy financial aid officer at your college!

  4. Scholarships - the truth about websites, organizations and other sources of funding -  and how to optimize your search and avoid wasting hours of your life that you'll never get back going down the scholarship rabbit hole

  5. Bonuses - checklists, sample letters, more

The Investment

I could be a big jerk and charge a king's ransom for this product.  Think about it:

If I helped you get ONE lousy $5,000 scholarship (per year - or $20,000 over four years) I could easily justify a price of $2,500.  Naturally, this course will show you how to qualify for much more.

Sadly (for me :), I'm not going to ask for anywhere near $2,500.

Or even half ($1,250).

Or half of a half ($625 :).

The "sticker" price for the Instant College Funding System is $497, BUT...

If you start your test-drive, dip-toe-in-water membership before this offer shuts down, you will be asked to pay only $97.

(After the countdown expires, you won't be able to find your way back to this page.)

Why so low?

We get it.  Pearl and I realize that our private, 1-on-1 consulting fees are out of reach for many families.  We wanted to do something to get you this college cost-cutting info that we know you'll never get from your guidance counselor, CPA or (commission-driven) "Financial Guy."

Even though you're practically "stealing" from us at this price, you have our word that we won't rat you out to Bob Mueller, Billy Barr, Paul Manafort or any of the other usual suspects!

AND, when you say "Yes," you can rest assured that you're agreeing only to a riskless test driveyou can get a full refund if you decide ICF isn't right for you.

HOWEVER, if you miss out on this special offer and try to come back to this page, you'll see that the price is back to $497.  You will lose out.

If this doesn't sit well with you, at least let me me explain the reason:

In financial aid, if you miss a deadline, or you put off planning, you're pretty much shooting yourself in the foot - it's that plain and simple.  

You could blow a deadline, which means you won't get everything deserve.

Or, you could learn about strategies to improve your eligibility for grants and scholarships, but find out that you blew the "look back" period, and now it's too late.

If you don't take action early, while you still can, you'll end up paying more or making a bad choice that could have financial aid and emotional repercussions for years, even decades.  In other words...

In financial aid, delay is death!

So think of our time limit as a way to help you develop your "action muscle!"


“Andy put all my wife's anxieties about the college paperwork to rest. I can't say enough about the quality of his work. My daughter is so happy at Columbia! Thanks, Andy!”

Vince Gonzalez, Huntington, NY

“As soon as I walked through your door I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you for all you have done for my precious girls! ”

-Beth Marcus Sova, Scottsdale, AZ

"I don't know where to begin. Our financial aid packages are just now starting to come in and each one is better than the next. Just today Boston University gave is $40,000. ”

-Lena Salzbank, Port Washington, NY

Additional, "Fast Action" Bonuses Worth $868

If you're still not sure that this is the No-Brainer Of The Decade, hang on! I have some more valuable goodies to throw into the mix, 

Any one of these bonuses is worth -- separately -- the investment in The Instant College Funding System, many times over!

  1. Critique & Review Certificate - let us eyeball your FAFSA and/or CSS Profile BEFORE you submit it, to catch any glaring errors that can rob you of financial aid, or point out any overlooked opportunities to get your mitts on more grants and scholarships!  Value:  $495

  2. Sample Letters That Worked - sent to financial aid offices to improve initial, stingy offers, editable in MS Word.  Each produced more than $16,000 in improved offers.  Value:  $97

  3. Fast Start Consultation - for the first 12 to enroll, complimentary phone consultation to ensure that you're going down the right path with ICF and using it in the most time-efficient manner possible for your personal circumstances.  Value:  $249

  4. Complimentary "College Success for Less Organizer," to help you keep track of all passwords, financial aid and application deadlines and other key dates that are easily overlooked.  If you blow a deadline, you will not receive all of the money you deserve...or possibly ANYTHING!  (By the way, this is a hard copy, physical workbook, delivered to your door.  Not an unusable email that will clog up your inbox.) Value:  $27

Total value of bonuses:  $868

money back guarantee

One more thing...

The Instant College Funding System is completely and utterly guaranteed - because I wanted to remove all risk for you.  

You can test-drive ICF for 90 days - that's three full months - to make absolutely certain that it's the right fit for you.

During those three months, if for any reason - even no reason at all! - you feel that ICF isn't what you had hoped for, just tell us and we will promptly and cheerfully refund 100% of your money. 

Our guarantee is that plain and simple, there are no fine print "weasel clauses" or other lawyerly verbiage.  We're putting our money where our mouth is because we know that you'll absolutely love and get tremendous value from The Instant College Funding System!

If you're on the fence and still not sure whether Instant College Funding is for you, my advice is to start your trial membership today, because there's ABSOLUTELY no risk to you whatsoever.

Check that:  there's one risk.  If you delay until after the countdown clock on this page hits zero, you'll pay double the price I'm offering you today.

Why pay double? 

The "Catch"

There is one catch (were you waiting for one?) - we reserve the right to remove these bonuses - especially the Fast Start Strategy Session - at any time, depending on our workload.

It's obvious that there's nothing to lose, but everything to gain, by enrolling! 

Get started today!

One, final thought.  Picture yourself a year from now, or whenever the college application process ends for your and your child (yes, it WILL end! 🙂

Don't you want to be able to look back and smile, because you feel, in your heart of hearts that you did EVERYTHING reasonable to give your child the edge, the leg up that they deserve?

That's what Pearl and I wish for you, and all of our clients.

I hope to see you on the inside of the Instant College Funding System!

Andrew Lockwood, J.D.

Lockwood College Prep 

P.S.  You might be thinking to yourself, "is this too good to be true?"  

The answer:  it's not.  The Instant College Funding System is literally - actually - the very same advice I give one-on-one to clients to help them slash their college costs, but for a fraction of the price.

I'm offering it below market value because it allows me to "scale" and reach many more families like you.  

These days, because of all the referrals, media appearances, books marketing and other shameless self-promotion, I have a hard time finding room to take on private clients, even at the outrageous fees quoted above.

But the most important thing is that there's no reason for you not to move forward - this product is 100% guaranteed.  It's obvious, you simply cannot go wrong.

So get off the fence, start your trial membership, and if you end up deciding that it's not right for you, just notify us and we'll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked, no hassles.  No-one will try to talk you out of it, just shoot us an email and we're good.