5 Things “They” Won’t Tell You About Getting Into College Today

The most common thing I hear when I chat with prospective clients?

“We have no idea where to start, things are so much more complicated than when I want to college!”

I hear this from multi-millionaires and single moms with extremely low incomes, sometimes the same day, hours apart.

You’d think that parents with deep resources wouldn’t feel this way, but it ain’t so.  Everyone’s confused.

You might also think that high school guidance counselors should give families a clear path to follow, but, unfortunately, we don’t live in the Land of Shoulds, we live in a place called “Realityville.”

I know I’m bound to catch some heat from guidance counselors for this, but here goes nothing.

Yesterday (April 29), I spoke with an 11th grade family.  The kid had a 3.8 GPA. So far, so good, right?

Here’s the rest of the story.

  • He hadn’t met with his guidance counselor yet
  • He hadn’t visited any colleges yet
  • He had no idea what to major in
  • He hadn’t taken an SAT or ACT yet (!)
  • The family had no idea whether they’d qualify for any financial aid or scholarships
  • They felt stressed out that they were way behind, compared to other families in their district

If any or all of the foregoing feels eerily familiar to you, don’t fret, I’m not going to “College Shame” you.  Because you have plenty of company, and it’s OK.  You have to start somewhere.

I advised the family in question to force a meeting with their guidance counselor first, before they sought out an, ahem, ridiculously high-priced private college advisor like moi.  Their high school has 700 students, so that might explain the lack of personalized attention in their case, but I hear similar complaints from parents in private high schools too.

One obvious place to start, is by attending our free web class tomorrow night:

5 Things “They” Won’t Tell You About Getting Into College

I’m going to interview the newest member of the Lockwood College Prep team, college advisor Jeff Knapp.  Jeff served as an alumni interviewer for Yale for 15 years and a private college advisor for more than 20 years. He’s a great guy and highly accomplished, so are his own kids!

We’ve teamed up to create a new college advising program, The Incomparable Applicant Signature Program, for Class of 2020 kids who want a legal edge in college admissions (photoshopping not included).

On the webinar, Jeff and I will discuss:

  • The mortal danger of relying on Naviance and your TRUE odds of admission to a top school
  • The strange reason your guidance counselor may hurt your chances of getting into a top college
  • How to write a college essay that separates you from the pack
  • College interview tips and traps (actual questions)
  • How to win James Holzhauer-like amounts of merit scholarships
  • More, including your questions (we’re live!)

Here’s where to sign up for Wednesday’s class:


For 10th graders

We’re running a mock diagnostic, “hybrid” SAT/ACT this Saturday morning, 20 bucks at the door to cover our materials and other costs.  Here’s where to sign up – 8 spots are left:


Marissa, our head tutor, says that, hands down, the summer before 11th grade is THE BEST time to start prepping.

Finally, I’m speaking at the Northport Public Library tonight, I was told that we still had 12 spots left. Here’s where to learn more.

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