Which Test Is Best (ACT v SAT)?

Hi ho

Can’t tell you how many times I get asked which test, the ACT or SAT, a kid should take.

The answer, of course, is the very weasly “It depends” type of response that I’m partial too.

Here are some facts, submitted for your consideration:

  • Colleges accept both, so it doesn’t really matter what you take (with extreeeeeemely limited exceptions)
  • Most kids do about the same on either, but 30% -ish favor one.
  • The ACT is faster-paced, i.e. more questions per minute.
  • The Science section on the ACT should not dissuade “non-sciencey” (should be a word) kids, it’s a glorified critical reading section with charts and graphs. You don’t need to memorize the Periodic Table, or even the Periodic Table song (Google it, it’s hilarious. Not the Daniel Radcliffe version).

This Thursday, I’m going to run a live, interactive webinar with our star, celebrity tutor, Marissa U, to ask her about the key differences on the tests and to get her to give away her top tips and tactics she teaches her students.  If you want to join us and have the opportunity to ask YOUR test taking questions, here’s where you can see the rest of the details and sign up:


This is a one-time event, we’re not doing a replay.

Hope you can make it!

-Andy “Testy” Lockwood

P.S.  One more thing – we’re discussing offering a free 1/2 SAT, 1/2 ACT mock exam this Saturday in our Glenwood Landing office, but only if there’s sufficient interest.  You can email vip@andylockwood.com if interested.